Solar Eclipse descends upon Bromsgrove
10th April 2015

Bromsgrove School pupils and staff came out in force this morning to witness the partial solar eclipse over the Midlands. This is the first time many of our students will have been part of such a spectacle, with the last full eclipse taking place in 1999.

GCSE Astronomy students gained a rare opportunity to undertake a piece of observational coursework, logging the progress of the eclipse. At maximum coverage, there was a noticeable drop in light and temperature; a reminder of the immense power of the sun.

Using a special solar scope, the students were able to safely view the eclipse, which occurred in Bromsgrove just after 9.30am. Many pupils donned their solar glasses, taking remarkable photographs from behind the lenses. 



 Pupils using the solar scope, a special telescope enabling users to view the sun

As well as the activities taking place outside, a live screening of the eclipse from the BBC Stargazing team was streamed into the School’s Routh Hall, allowing the whole school to witness the awe inspiring moment of totality in the Faroe Islands.

Rachel Green, Head of Science at Bromsgrove School says “Not only is this a rare event, but a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our place in the Universe. For students to consider that it is the work of others across the ages that enabled us to know precisely when this event was coming, from the minute of first contact to the moment the moon moved from the Sun’s disc, is testament to what humans can achieve when they work side by side. It is a lesson for all of us. There is already talk of what to do for the next eclipse here in 2026.”



 A photograph of the solar eclipse by Senior School pupil Luke Michell

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