Wednesday 20 May 2015 - Thriving in a changing world, Conference on Boarding
3rd December 2014

Flyer: Thriving in a changing world - Conference on Boarding


This conference will bring together experts in adolescent psychology, experienced boarding staff and current students. Collaboration is a key feature of boarding life at Bedales; this conference will follow our successful model for events involving students and teachers which combines plenary sessions when teachers and students come together, and separate parallel workshops.



(plenary sessions for students and teachers)

The challenges and opportunities facing boarding

Robin Fletcher, National Director, Boarding Schools’ Association

Understanding adolescents and stress

Nicola Morgan, award-winning author of Blame my Brain

Teenager resilience

Jackie Cox, teacher, counsellor and trainer in pastoral care


House staff, teachers with pastoral roles and senior leaders with boarding responsibilities

Staff delegates will attend the following afternoon workshops, which will provide them with practical ideas to help improve the effectiveness of their school’s pastoral care:

Boarding Inspection: from preparation to execution

Matthew March, ISI Boarding

Co-Ordinating Inspector

Management software for housestaff Andrew Day & Nick Rendall, Housemasters, King Edward’s School, Witley, developers of an innovative pastoral care system

Toolbox for thriving boarding

Bedales Pastoral Staff



Students will have a packed programme - we suggest two student delegates per school from Years 9 or 10. Having attended the morning sessions with Robin Fletcher, Nicola Morgan and Jackie Cox, students will work together in a workshop with Bedales teachers to create presentations in the afternoon to take back to their schools the key issues raised at the conference. They will also have the opportunity for a tour of Bedales with current students.

To attend the conference or for further details,

please contact Tina Hunt, Conference Administrator,

Bedales School

Email: Tel: 01730 711500

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