Oundle School's Concert for a Cause Raises over £2000 for Charity
27th October 2014

Over the summer, two Oundle School pupils, Molly-May Keston (16) and Sarah Boyle (16) decided to direct a charity concert, to raise money for two charities -  ‘Rosie’s Rainbow Fund’ (which provides music therapy for children in hospital –  ) and ‘Supporting Dalit Children’ (a charity that supports poverty stricken children in India – ). The idea of Concert for a Cause was born. The concert took place at Oundle’s Stahl Theatre on 26 September.


Pupil Production Manager, Lizzie Lee (16) commented, “The Stahl’s former Director, Ali Boag was very supportive of our causes and gave us the best available slot in the Stahl - the 26 September 2014. Molly and Sarah then realised that 26 days to perfect an entire musical theatre showcase was not going to be easy. They set about planning cast lists, prop lists, set, lighting, backing tracks - the list is endless - all before rehearsals started on the first Sunday of the School Quarter.”


Molly and Sarah directed vocal and choreography, which was helped by Molly’s experience form the West End stage.


The numbers were taken from modern Broadway and West End musicals such as: Matilda, the Book of Mormon, Shrek and Avenue Q.  Molly and Sarah’s aim was to show a side of musical theatre that the Stahl had never seen before.


The entire show was pupil-led, and although the team had unerring support from the dedicated team of permanent backstage crew in the Stahl, the entire production, including lighting design and set design, was undertaken predominantly by pupils.


Molly commented, “The run up to the show was a very exciting process and the cast began to exceed our expectations with their enthusiasm and abundant energy. It could not have been more rewarding to see what we had rehearsed come to life in the Stahl with the help of the fantastic technical team including Jo Henderson, Paul Laughton, Reb Desmond and George Mullen whose invaluable help cannot be underestimated.”


Sarah added, “Our company, which comprised of twenty five Third to Upper Sixth formers (Years 9-13) never lacked the necessary energy and determination. I was so proud of how much they both put in and got out of the rehearsals and the eventual performance. Molly and I would like to thank everyone who supported these two wonderful causes.”


The performance sold out two weeks before the concert and an additional 100 tickets were made available for the dress rehearsal - all of which helped to raise over £2000 for the two charities.


Carolyn, Rosie’s Mum and Molly May’s aunt wrote, “There was nothing that Rosie loved doing more than creating shows with her cousins. Thank you not only for raising much needed funds for the children Rosie cared about so much, but also for helping to raise awareness of Rosie’s Rainbow Fund.”


Rosie’s Rainbow Fund –


Rosie’s Rainbow Fund was established in 2003 after the death of 11 year old Rosie Mayling. While in the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, Rosie decided that when she was better she would put on shows to raise money for the sick children in the hospital. Following the loss of Rosie, her family set up Rosie’s Rainbow fund – Rosie’s spirit lives on in the work of the fund through a programme of support to families and children affected by illness, disability and bereavement. Activities include;


·         Music therapy in 3 hospitals

·         Massage for parents of long stay and seriously ill children

·         Music therapy sessions for special needs children

·         Bereavement support for families after the loss of a child

·         Purchase of equipment for children with special needs

·         Supporting scientific research in to childhood illnesses



Supporting Dalit Children –



The Dalits, also known as the 'untouchables', are the lowest caste in the traditional Indian caste system; a system which is now against the law in India. Dinah Findlay, mother of two former Oundle pupils (Old Oundelians,) Lally and Patrick, set up the charity in 2008 after a family holiday to India in 2007. In India, Dinah met Father Eric and Father Maxim, two Indian Jesuit priests, who had founded Xavier School in 2004. ‘Supporting Dalit Children’ now supports this school and Loyola School which it helped set up in 2011. Both schools support and provide educational opportunities for Dalit children.

Earlier in the Quarter, Oundle welcomed Peter and Dinah Findlay to the Sixth Form Lecture series to speak about the charity, Supporting Dalit Children. After meeting Dalit children, Mrs Findlay was persuaded to find a way to help the so-called ‘untouchables’ who are excluded from good jobs, healthcare and education. Mr and Mrs Findlay shared stories about some of the conditions and the desperate inequality that the Dalit are forced to live with. One young boy was thirsty, and yet could not drink from the same water canister as someone from a higher caste, stigmatised for being thought of as dirty and unclean.

Over the Christmas holidays a group of Oundle pupils (including Sarah) and staff will be visiting Loyola School to work alongside the Dalit children.

 The money raised will:

·         Help to fund educational projects including the building of primary schools in remote villages

·         Help to fund social projects

·         Raise awareness of the plight of the Dalits


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