Laxton Junior School - Great Oundle Taste Off!
27th October 2014

At Laxton Junior School in Oundle, our Reception children have been learning about their senses and as part of their work on 'taste', our chef from Oundle School, Joel Benedickter and catering manager Jane Bryers, visited to talk about the daily life of a chef.


Joel brought two different types of flapjacks for everyone to taste; one healthier than the other.  The children enjoyed both and learned that healthier doesn’t mean it’s not as tasty. Joel said “It’s great to be out of the kitchen and meet with the children we provide lunch for every day.  They are so responsive and open to new tastes and ideas.”


Reception class were then set a challenge. They were asked to draw a picture of Joel and all the drawings would be judged by ‘important people’ from Oundle School.  All the pictures have been framed and now decorate the dining hall for the hundreds of pupils, who pass through each day, to enjoy. 


Three lucky winners were chosen and each winner was able to choose the lunch menu for a day.  Each child met up with the chefs and discussed their favourite foods.  So, this week the children enjoyed macaroni cheese with peas, sautéed ham with buttered spaghetti and pizza!  Maybe not cordon bleu just yet, but the children are only four!


Headmaster, Mr Mark Potter said, “This was such a wonderful way for our children to not only further develop their understanding of their senses but also to learn a little more about important people from their school community. The drawings are wonderful and the children have created some super pictures of Joel that are now on display for all to see.”

Picture : Joel Benedickter and Jayne Bryers with the three lucky winners with the winning drawings.

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