‘Yes’ or ‘No’: Oundle pupils hold their own referendum on Scottish independence
15th October 2014

Should Scotland be an independent country? It is the most fundamental question ever asked in Scottish history. So as the people of Scotland went to the polls on Thursday 18 September it seemed only right that pupils at Oundle School, around 40 of whom come from Scotland, should do so too. 




Lower Sixth former, Rupert Warre (16) commented, “To the surprise of many as they walked into the Cloisters at break time they were greeted with a mock referendum. With three polling stations located around the Cloisters and a Speakers’ Corner, Oundle was thrown into the world of Scottish politics.”


Oundle’s Head of Politics, Matt King, opened the referendum with a short introduction while a member of the School’s bagpipe ensemble, Freddie Woodd (15) played a warm welcome. For the ‘YES’ side, pupils Ruaraidh Richardson (17) and Ed Willey (17) gave their reasons for Scotland becoming independent. Then, preceded by a verse of the National Anthem, played by Ian Ostojic (16) on the trumpet, the ‘NO’ side, pupils Morgan Ball (17) and Rupert Warre (17), put forward arguments for Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom.


After hearing the arguments, pupils and staff of Oundle headed to the polls. The result? A 67% win for the ‘NO’ campaign.


Head of Politics, Matt King commented, "Having an Oundle version of the Scottish referendum ensured that all pupils were aware of what was happening and the importance of the constitutional consequences.


I think the Oundle results were as we expected, with the majority of pupils and staff deciding it was best to keep the Union together. Turnout was a little larger in the main event and the result a little closer, but, we reached the same conclusions!"

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