Oundle School - Victory for 5th consecutive year
14th October 2014

On Saturday 6 September, the Oundle School 1st XI Girls’ Hockey Team won the King’s Canterbury Hockey tournament for the 5th consecutive year.


The tournament consisted of five matches for the Oundle girls with each match lasting twenty five minutes. Their first match, against Felsted School, was closely fought, with Oundle’s forwards coming through in the last five minutes. Some noticeably great play from Dora Nicolle (15) saw her score her first goal for the 1st team, leading to a 1-0 victory.


In the second match, Anna Hodgkinson (16) secured an early lead against the mature Framlingham College side.  Dora and Anna scored very stylishly once more each to secure a 3-0 victory.


Lucie Baker (15) commented, “The match against Queenswood was probably our toughest match both physically and mentally, as they had some very good players. Annie Hall (17) and Eliza Thompson (17) played very skilfully in the midfield positions and with some good runs from Hebe Hughes (16) and Hester Coltman-Rogers (17) down the right wing, we managed to turn up our play for several minutes, outclassing the opposition and allowing Dora Nicolle to score from a great shot in the top right-hand corner.”


In their last group match, Oundle played the home team, King’s Canterbury. King’s secured two early goals but after some very solid tackles from Flo Garnett (16) and good clearances from Boo Baker-Munton (15), Oundle girls began to raise their game. Di Bevan (17) played tenaciously giving Oundle’s forwards more opportunities to score. Trailing 3-0 with 10 minutes to go, Lucie made some good runs up the wing and Hester scored a crucial goal; the start of Oundle’s comeback. Needing to close the gap further, the girls gained a short corner from which Polly Baker (16) scored. In the last minute of the match, Oundle got a short corner and Di scored from a flick from the top of the D, putting the score at 3-3. Izzy Myers (15) played well, fighting until the final whistle despite being floored by the goalie!


Lucie added, “Despite winning the group we had to play a final against Framlingham in order to be crowned the winning team.”


Both teams played aggressively in the final; Oundle’s Annabelle Barker (16) played strongly at left back, passing the ball consistently up the line and Millie Aldridge (17) played well in goal with some crucial saves. Grace Easterbrook (15) held the centre of the pitch, cutting off some of the opposition’s big hits. After a well-fought match, neither team was able to produce a winning goal and the match therefore went to penalty flicks.


Lucie concluded, “Our five flickers were Annie Hall (17), Eliza Thompson, Di Bevan, Anna Hodgkinson and Polly Baker. Framlingham missed one of their flicks so it came down to Polly to take Oundle through to victory, which she did with style.”


Captain, Annie Hall collected the winning trophy and Dora Nicolle was named player of the tournament.



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