PHE Ebola guidance and risk assessment for educational, childcare and young persons' settings
13th August 2014

PHE on guidance for schools who have students returning or visiting from West African countries affected by the current outbreak of Ebola.


PHE has published specific Ebola guidance and risk assessment  for use in educational, childcare and young persons’ settings, and this is available here: .  There is also further Ebola information, and FAQs on the website here


I hope this guidance answers your questions and provides reassurance, but please contact your local Health Protection Team if you have any further enquiries.  Local contact details can be searched for here


Dr. Charlotte Roberts

National Incident Control Centre

Level 3 incident: Ebola


The BSA have just had confirmation from Dr Charlotte Roberts at PHE that Nigeria is considered a separate and different case from the three countries currently affected by the Ebola outbreak. 

Guidance will be updated daily as necessary if the situation changes.

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