The Business Challenge run by Abingdon School.
5th March 2014

Tuesday 25th February saw the launch of a brand new business competition for schools in Oxfordshire: The Business Challenge run by Abingdon School. 

Nine schools from across Oxfordshire took part in the competition's inaugural year and the day proved to be a huge hit with both students and teachers alike. Each school team of six students aged ten or eleven was set a business and enterprise based challenge by Nick Fieldhouse, Head of Economics and Business Studies at Abingdon. This year's task asked the teams to design and market a brand new healthy soft drink brand. 


The students needed to think about a whole range of business concepts, from logo and slogan design, to Unique Selling Points (USPs), ingredients and promotion options. The teams were asked to produce a three minute presentation for a panel of judges, as well as to submit details of the ingredients in their new drink and a market map analysing its position in the market relative to competitors. Each team was assigned an Abingdon School sixth form student currently studying either Economics or Business Studies at A Level to act as a dedicated 'business advisor' for the task. 


Speaking about the competition, Nick Fieldhouse said, "Students were given just two hours to complete the challenge and the quality of the work produced by all the teams on the day was extremely high. The judges faced a very tough decision to pick a winner and runner up. After much deliberation, Summer Fields School were crowned the first ever winners of Abingdon School's Business Challenge and Cothill House were announced as the runners-up."


A marketing quiz, won by Pinewood School, rounded off a high pressured yet thoroughly enjoyable day. The competition will be run again next year.

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