#BSAheroes: The Boarding Sector Supports The Fight Against COVID-19
1st May 2020

The boarding community is supporting the worldwide fight against Coronavirus. Read more below. If your school is not listed but would like to add your details, please email Chantelle via


  • Abingdon School

The school’s DT department have been making PPE visors for local GP’s and healthcare workers. There are around 200 in the production line at this moment.

  • Abrar Academy

Have offered beds, halls and classrooms and potential volunteers in the shape of their staff and older students.

  • ACS International Schools

ACS international schools have developed a new adapter to turn full face snorkel masks into emergency ventilators for hospitals struggling to find enough equipment to treat the influx of COVID-19 patients.

  • Aldenham School

Have offered beds and potential usage of their school transport such as minibuses that can be used to ferry key NHS workers from the NHS facilities nearby.

  • Amesbury School

The school have offered beds, bathrooms, dorms for use for critical workers at the local hospital.

  • Ashville College

The college has donated vital equipment to Harrogate’s frontline medical teams. Around 200 pairs of safety glass normally worn by pupils and staff during science lessons have gone to the district hospital. A year 12 pupil has re-written lyrics to The Greatest Showman’s This Is Me. It reinforces key messages of ‘stay at home’ and ‘wash your hands’, and it pays tribute to NHS staff.

  • Barnard Castle School

Barnard Castle school have offered beds and car parking spaces. School staff have converted their workshops into makeshift PPE production lines. Protective visors are destined to help key health staff in rural settings.

  • Bedales School

Staff and students at the school have rallied to support the local community during the crisis. Bedales’ Head of Catering Matt Potts responded to news that many members of the local community and staff were having trouble getting hold of household staples in their local supermarkets by opening up the school’s larder to set up a supplies shop.

In addition, the school have also set up a mobile library service, enabling Steep residents to loan books from the library’s extensive catalogue. Residents can place an order remotely and their chosen books are delivered to their door. Many members of staff have also delivered shopping, collected prescriptions, walked dogs and given lifts to healthcare appointments.

  • Bedford School


Bedford School, attended by hero Captain Tom Moore’s grandson Benjie Ingram-Moore, has turned into a hive of activity with volunteers opening the mountains of birthday cards from well-wishers including royalty, celebrities, schoolchildren and people from around the world. A total of 140 members of school staff, alumni, parents and pupils have adhered to social distancing rules and spent 1,750 hours to open each card and create a spectacular display in the school’s Great Hall.

The war veteran, who turned 100 on the 30th April, has been celebrated after pledging to walking 100 lengths of his 25cm long garden and raising more than £29 million for the NHS Charities Together.

  • Brentwood School

Brentwood School has offered beds, car parking facilities, childcare support for children of essential workers and overnight accommodation. The school’s young music scholars have put together a series of video tutorials, Zoom lessons and presentation slides with the aim of teaching their Headmaster.

  • Bromsgrove School

The headmaster of Bromsgrove School and a small number of remaining boarders and residential staff within the campus have been helping to make face shields for frontline NHS staff. A hospital in Redditch is currently using 30 of the shields. In addition to this, a prep school pupil has been making handmade soap for staff at the Hospital and including a little thank you poem.  An upper sixth pupil is currently volunteering at a local residential home, providing valuable assistance to both staff and residents. A member of staff is helping the school make drawstring bags for NHS staff to pop their uniform into after a shift and then safely transport it home. A lower sixth pupil has been answering calls from Worcestershire NHS hospitals for scrub bags in addition to using their sewing machine to make cotton drawstrings. As a small number boarders have been unable to return home due to the pandemic, the school arranged for an Easter hunt to occur. The residential staff saw the pupils explore the school grounds for chocolate treats donated by parents and members of staff.

A member of the teaching staff has run the equivalent of 3 consecutive marathons, around the school’s sports pitches, to raise funds for Worcestershire NHS trust.

  • Buckswood School, Guestling, East Sussex

Buckswood has offered beds, car parking and kitchen facilities, some available in catered accommodation.

  • CATS College London

They have offered beds and an offer from a well known commercial food establishment to offer food to NHS staff staying there.

  • Cheltenham College

Cheltenham College has offered accommodation and car parking facilities to NHS staff. They have provided a range of PPE stock with DT staff continuing to produce masks and visors; the parents of the school have rallied together to produce scrubs and gowns for NHS staff. The school are also supporting children of key workers on site.

  • Cheltenham Ladies’ College

The college has offered the use of their facilities to NHS workers.

  • Cherwell College, Oxford

Cherwell College has kindly offered around ensuite bedrooms, access to the dining area, reception area, wifi and car parking spaces. In addition to this, they have also offered the use of a  minibus to help assist the NHS

  • Christ College Brecon

Staff, pupils and their families at the school have set up facilities to help provide PPE kit to care workers.

  • Clayesmore School

Clayesmore School has offered the NHS usage of beds along with car parking spaces.

  • Cobham Hall School

Cobham Hall has offered rooms and minibuses.

  • Cranleigh

School staff are volunteering during their Easter break by running a free multi-activity programme for the children of key workers on their campus. Pupils from twelve local schools, whose parents are frontline workers are taking part in craft, games and activities that can be managed at the required two-metre distance. In addition to this, over 950 items of PPE have been donated to Cranleigh medical centre. The centre will be distributing them to local care homes and pharmacies for workers to use. They are currently providing Perspex for the creation of visors for the local NHS teams.

  • Dallam School

Dallam School has offered beds, car parking facilities.

  • Dauntsey’s

The school have set up production of safety masks for frontline staff by the school’s DT department. 250 masks have been made and donated to various frontline workers with more to go.

  • Dean Close School

Dean Close School has offered bedrooms, bathrooms and some food preparation areas along with car parking.

  • Denstone College

The DT department has produced around 50 visors to be donated to around 5 hospitals, a number of local GP surgeries, carers in the community, nursing homes and even funeral directors.

  • Dragon School

​​​​​​​Parents of the school have been donating generously for food for ICU workers, masks have been donated and co-ordination of volunteers at the HelpHub who support individuals who find themselves with limited contact due to Covid-19. PPE has also been donated to the NHS Oxford hospitals as well as funds donated for food for NHS staff.

The science department has donated pairs of goggles to the local hospital and the D&T department have begun production and donation of PPE masks for the local maternity ward and local pharmacies.

For Dragon parents designated as key workers, the school continues to support the community.

  • Epsom College, College Rd, Epsom, Surrey

Epsom College has offered the NHS beds and remains open to provide provision for the children of key workers of parents with children at the college.

  • Exeter College

Exeter College has offered boarding accommodation in the city centre and has offered this for NHS staff. The college has opened the doors of their Clock Tower accommodation to NHS workers in need of a place to stay during the crisis. The accommodation officially opened its doors last September. The staff have deep cleaned the building ready for the use of NHS workers looking to stay there at any one time.

  • Felsted School

Felsted School has offered accommodation and parking facilities to the NHS. They are currently hosting a number of paramedic students who are currently being trained ready to go onto the frontline of care. The school have arranged for the small number of international boarders who are unable to return home due to travel restrictions in their home countries, to enjoy a variety of social activities such as board games, directing mini-films, quiz nights and pamper nights.

  • Fettes College

Fettes College is serving as an NHS car park for the nearby general hospital and has an open offer of accommodation.

  • Gordon's School

Gordon’s School has offered beds and parking spaces. The school have also donated thousands of disposable gloves, protective goggles and food distribution equipment. The school’s teaching and support staff have volunteered to help in efforts and two of the nurses in the school’s medical centre have offered their services to nearby hospitals. Disposable cups and food containers are being sent to the homeless in Woking. The school’s resident pipers have piped in support of the NHS and key workers, playing from their homes. In addition to this, the DT department has been busy working on making protective visors in the school’s laboratory.

  • Gordonstoun School

Gordonstoun has offered beds, drivers and minibuses for transporting key workers. They have also made all the signs in their local NHS hospital for their new COVID-19 procedures.

  • Hazlegrove Prep School

The head of DT at the school made 95 protective masks in her kitchen for frontline workers, NHS healthcare in prisons and local doctors Surgeries.

  • Headington School

Headington School has offered beds.

  • Heathfield School

Heathfield School have offered beds to be used by vulnerable groups for the duration of the pandemic and car parking on their premises

  • Hockerill  Anglo-European College

Hockerill has offered the usage of beds and parking spaces on their premises.

  • Hurstpierpoint  College

Hurstpierpoint College has offered beds and car parking spaces to the NHS.

  • King’s College, Taunton

The DT department at the school has been manufacturing a number of large breath shields for their microscopes.

  • King's Ely

King’s Ely has offered accommodation, catering facilities and minibus transport.

  • Kingswood School

They have offered both accommodation and car parking spaces.

  • Lancing College

Lancing College has donated all protective eyewear (such as science goggles) to their local hospital. They have lent screens and donated protective clothing to their local GP’s surgery. They have offered their health centre as an outreach clinic. They have offered accommodation in their boarding houses for NHS workers currently working in areas away from home or isolating families. They have offered their kitchens. They provide a support service, like meals on wheels, to their local Age Concern. This has included both cooking and delivering meals. They have offered their main school carpark as a base for a park and shuttle service for workers at local hospitals. They continue to support children of key workers.

  • Leighton Park School

The school’s DT department have started a major co-operative manufacturing operation spanning nine schools across Berkshire. A total of 1,550 face shields have been produced so far and 1,413 have been distributed.

  • Leweston School

Leweston School has offered a wing of their boarding accommodation to the NHS.

  • Liverpool College

Liverpool College has offered beds.

  • Lorreto School

The school have offered kitchen facilities and accommodation.

  • LVS Ascot

LVS Ascot have offered beds

  • Malvern St James Girls' School

Malvern St James has offered accommodation to support the NHS.

  • Merchiston Castle School

Merchiston Castle School have offered bedrooms, beds and car parking.

  • Millfield School

Both Millfield School and Millfield Prep have offered their facilities for use as emergency accommodation. Students have sent personalised virtual messages of support to residents in lockdown at a local care home in Keinton Madeville.

The school are continuing to support the local community by working with the parish council and the Salvation Army to deliver prescriptions and food parcels, providing free school meals for local children. It is working with the Parish Council to become a delivery ‘hub’ that will co-ordinate deliveries for vulnerable people in the area.

The school in their partnerships with the district and parish councils have introduced a ‘buddy’ system for their neighbours, delivering over 1500 information leaflets. They have been holding a free fresh produce market with the Salvation Army, with over £2000 worth of food donated from the school, themselves. They have developed a website and social media platforms to further connect the community. The head of the school’s DT department has created prototypes, sought materials and began editing a CAD file that he found online before starting production at the beginning of April. They have produced an assembled 130 masks so far for local organisations such as GP surgeries and South Somerset District Council.

Staff, students, Old Millfieldians and parents from Millfield School and the South West School of Dance in Somerset have sewed sets of PPE scrubs and protective bags for local key workers battling the outbreak on the frontline.

A school teacher and student have joined together to create a ‘Listening Archive’ that encapsulates stories from people on lockdown during the coronavirus outbreak all over the world, allowing future audiences to hear history first hand.

  • Oakham School

Oakham School has offered a large central dining room.

  • Oswestry School

A member of staff at the school has decided to try and help local care homes by manufacturing visors in the school’s DT labs.

  • Pangbourne College

The college has offered car parking facilities. Accommodation and food can be made available should it be needed.

  • Plymouth College

Plymouth College has prepared over 100 face shields to support the NHS and other key workers. The shields were put together by a DT teacher and 6 boarding pupils which were delivered to local doctors, key workers and even a funeral director from Plymouth.

  • Queen Anne's School

Queen Anne’s have offered beds and car parking facilities.

  • Queen Margaret’s School

Queen Margaret’s have introduced a pen pal scheme which aims to foster community spirit by connecting current pupils with the schools’ alumnae. The scheme is designed to bring friendship and cheer to those who could find themselves in a very lonely and isolated position during the pandemic. The scheme was inspired by pupils writing letters to residents of a local care home who were delighted to receive the notes at a time when their own families were not able to visit.

  • Radley College

The college has offered the usage of their boarding facilities. They have also catering ready to provide support.

  • Read School, Drax

Read School have offered their boarding house, a medical room, sickbay rooms. They have offered to work with their catering company to help provide catering if it is needed.

  • Repton School, Willington Road, Repton, Derby

Repton School has offered accommodation, car parking and they have also donated PPE equipment to Queens Hospital, Burton. Their DT department has also started making visors.

  • Roedean School, Roedean Way, Brighton

Roedean have offered accommodation in their boarding houses, to help support NHS workers.

  • Rugby School

Rugby school have offered the use of their parking spaces and have also offered a school boarding house for NHS workers.

  • Rydal Penrhos School

The school is now offering free childcare for critical keyworkers of non-parents during the pandemic. They have been providing care for children of Rydal Penrhos parents but are now are offering to non-parents after aiding Conwy Council. The pupils using this provision created a chalk drawing featuring ‘Thank You NHS’. Additionally, the school has opened its boarding accommodation for frontline keyworkers, themselves. The DT department and a sixth form pupil are making protective masks for NHS staff and other care facilities across the region.

Those using the school’s Rydal Penrhos’ keyworker childcare provision during the pandemic have made Captain Tom Moore a special Happy Birthday card to mark his 100th birthday on April 30th. A former pupil who is currently studying Art at university created a sketch drawing of Captain Moore during the challenge.

A former pupil has set up a special group for NHS staff during the pandemic. They have recruited dozens of volunteers for the scheme which aids critical workers employed by the NHS in support with day-to-day things such as childcare and grocery shopping as they work long hours to combat COVID-19.

  • Sexey's School

The school have offered beds.

  • Shaftesbury School, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Shaftesbury School offered a boarding complex to support the NHS. They also have car parking spaces.

  • Sherborne School

The school are making provisions for key worker families for however long the current emergency persists. They have offered accommodation, catering facilities, a health centre and one of their boarding houses.

  • Shiplake College

The college has offered usage of beds.

  • Stamford Endowed Schools

The school DT department has been manufacturing around 200 masks per day for the NHS. In addition to this, they have donated disposable gloves, disposable aprons, and around 22 litres of hand sanitising gel, chlorine tablets and pairs of eye protection.  They have donated a large amount of food to Stamford’s ‘Second Helpings’ and Stamford Foodbank.

  • St Edmund's School Canterbury

St Edmund’s have offered accommodation and car parking spaces.

  • St John's Beaumont School

The school has offered beds and car parking spaces on its premises.

  • St Joseph's College, Ipswich

The college has offered beds in various boarding houses, onsite catering and a team of minibuses to help with transportation to and from hospitals.

  • St Lawrence College

The college has offered directly to their local council and their NHS trust. They are currently running a key worker camp to support keyworker children. They have also offered the use of their car park.

  • St Mary's School, Ascot

St Mary’s school have offered the use of bedrooms and car parks.           

  • St Peter’s School

St Peters has donated over 6,000 pieces of medical equipment (PPE) to York Teaching Hospital. The donation includes four infection protection kits (mask, visor, coverall, gloves, shoe covers, tape and a waste bag), 48 filtering facepieces, 626 surgical face masks, 150 eye protection (goggles and glasses), 5,500 latex-free gloves, 350 disposable aprons and 25 disposable decorators overalls. These donations have come from both the school and from pupils.

A lower sixth pupil has launched a soup run for the over 60s living in the village of Husthwaite who have been advised to self-isolate due to the pandemic. A local Tesco has also donated over £150 worth of flowers to the pupil who has since distributed the flowers to older and more vulnerable people in the village alongside his portions of soup.

  • St Swithun's School

St Swithun’s School has offered usage of beds and parking for NHS staff. They have been manufacturing face visors for the NHS in their technology department.

  • Strathallan School

Stathallan School has offered accommodation and are currently creating a large number of face masks and have added ear guards to the face masks. The head of the school’s DT department has made his pioneering laser-cut design publicly available for others to join in making full face masks and other PPE. In addition to this soup, bread and cake are being delivered to those in their local village who cannot leave the house. The school have sponsored a child’s schooling in Nairobi for the past 11 years. While back in Nairobi after a term at the school, Dalmas has been spending his time teaching younger children how to wash their hands properly with soap and water as the schools are closed.

  • Sutton Valance School

Sutton Valance School has been delivering postcards to their neighbours, offering help if they need it and are currently helping a number of their neighbours. The school have been using their 3D printer in their DT department to ‘print’ essential visors for their local GP.

  • Terra Nova School

Terra Nova has offered parking.

  • The Duke of York’s Royal Military School

This military school has committed to helping by offering beds and accommodation and have offered the facilities to support any military response or operation in the area.

  • The Harefield Academy

Harefield Academy has offered the use of their entire boarding house.

  • The New Beacon School

The school have been helping with the resourcing of two local COVID-19 assessment units. The estate staff have been delivering prescriptions for Paydens and the Hildenborough Medical Centre. 2 teams of parents have managed to source a collection of equipment, protective clothing and cleaning equipment. Signage has been designed by a member of staff. A parent has been part of a small group who have helped to design face masks that are currently being made. Have asked the community for bum bags, spare thermometers, antibacterial wipes and mask components.

  • The Royal Ballet School

The Royal Ballet School have offered beds.

  • The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe

The Royal Grammar School has offered usage of bedrooms and has offered any further assistance if needed.

  • The Royal Hospital School

The DT teachers at the school have joined the national effort to support the NHS staff by making protective face shields. They intend to make over 200 in the coming weeks. The shields are being distributed within the Ipswich area to GP’s surgeries, local pharmacies, care homes and community health care workers. The school have been sending out packets of wildflower seeds throughout the UK since lockdown began.

  • The Royal School Armagh

The school have offered accommodation and car parking facilities.

  • Trent College and The Elms

Trent College has offered beds, accommodation, dining rooms, potential storage space, car parking spaces.

  • Truro School

The school have offered beds.

  • Tudor Hall School

They are supporting Food4Heros by making their new food teaching classroom available for volunteers to prepare food and using their school’s van to deliver it to their local hospital. The school have also donated around 50 pairs of goggles to a GP’s surgery.

  • Warminster School, Church Street, Warminster

Warminster School has offered the use of a secure boarding house.

  • Warwick School

The school have offered both beds and car parking spaces.

  • Wellington School

The school have given their car parks to help with the overflow from the local hospital. The headmaster is in communication with local hospitals to offer their boarding houses to NHS staff who will be working long shifts or who need to self-isolate. They have also offered the use of their boarding houses to those who need long-term care but do not have critical medical issues, to make way for the possibility of COVID-19 pressures, free of charge. Goggles and hundreds of surgical gloves have been donated to Musgrove Hospital and children of key workers continue to be looked after by the staff, with activity primarily based in the Prep school.  In addition, the school’s DT department are using 3D printers to produce facial visors for the hospital.

  • Wells Cathedral School

The school have offered usage of their beds to vulnerable people. They also have a fleet of minibuses which can be used for deliveries.

  • West Buckland School

The school has started to make plastic face masks using the school’s 3D printer. The school is being asked to supply masks for North Devon Hospice and South Molton Community Hospital.

  • Whitgift School

Whitgift School has offered use of beds, kitchen and shower facilities, catering facilities and car parking.

  • Worksop School

The school have been working together from various corners of the world to raise money for Make A Wish and the NHS. Inspired by Captain Tom Moore, the girls and staff from Derry house have launched a challenge with them aiming to run, cycle, ride or walk the 675 miles between the school and Singapore (home of a fellow pupil).

Wycombe Abbey

Wycombe Abbey has offered both beds and car parking spaces.

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