#BSAheroes: Gordon’s Makes Musical Tribute and protective visors for the NHS and Key Workers
7th April 2020

Rallying to the call across the nation to pipe in support of the NHS and Key Workers on Thursday night, Gordon’s School Pipers picked up their bagpipes and played from their homes.

Among them were four siblings from the Prince family – all of whom play or have played for the school’s iconic Pipes and Drums; a student playing from her kitchen roof and a multitude of others from their gardens and front doors.

The call to pipe, alongside clapping the NHS and Key Workers, came from the National Piping Centre whose director of piping Finlay MacDonald felt that it would be a nice way of showing their appreciation while also “stirring the emotions”. Senior Pipe Major Surrey boarding school, Iona Scotson, who also rose to the challenge and played, said: “I was so proud of all those who took part in this. I know it lifted the spirits of those listening while also providing a fitting tribute to those working so hard for us and in such difficult circumstances.”

While the pipers were doing what they do best, Gordon’s Design Technology teacher Tom Webb was working on making protective visors in the school’s laboratory. Ignoring the lure of the weekend sunshine, the House Parent made 100 protective visors, laser cutting the headbands and hand cutting the clear visor. “I saw that people were doing it in DT forums and thought I’d give it a go” said Mr Webb. “Once I had them made, I posted on the local Facebook site and a midwife from Frimley got in touch to say they desperately needed some, as did one of our own GP parents.”

With further materials on order, Mr Webb is hoping to make another 1,500 protective visors as soon as he can. While the medical centre nurses have volunteered in local hospitals; protective goggles and gloves from Gordon’s have already been put to use by the NHS and community volunteers. Kitchen staff are gathering together catering-sized tins and other larder items for the homeless. And Residential and Day Boarding House Parents have raided their tuck shops for Easter eggs and treats for delivery to those in isolation in the community. Headmaster Andrew Moss commented: “We are looking at every resource available in the school to help others during these difficult times and will continue to do so throughout.“I am delighted that the whole school community is lending a hand and resources.”

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