BSA Guidance: Wuhan virus
21st January 2020

BSA has been asked for advice on the virus originating in Wuhan, China. 

It is clearly very early days, and therefore difficult to predict how things will progress. Public Health England has published the advice below concerning travel to China, but the issue for schools, of course, will be travel both to and from China, and possibly elsewhere in South-East Asia as matters progress. 

There seems to be no immediate cause for concern, but obviously we shall all need to monitor the situation carefully. In particular, schools might wish to consider planning for the eventuality that some boarders either cannot or choose not to travel home at half-term or, more likely Easter.

BSA would advise schools to consider erring on the side of caution to minimise the risk to students and staff.  Schools requiring case-specific information are advised to contact Public Health England/Scotland/Wales, the Public Health Agency or their relevant local specialist service directly.

Please click here to read the Public Health England advice.

If you would like further advice from the BSA nursing advisors, please email

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