Downside School Oxbridge Offers 2014
16th January 2014


Downside School has received eight excellent Oxbridge offers this year and very evenly divided - four boys, four girls, four for Oxford, four for Cambridge and four to read English. The other subject offers are for Classics, Music, Theology and Medicine.

One of the pupils came to Downside from a local Somerset primary school and has flourished, others only joined the School for Sixth Form so it’s a diverse group of bright and determined young people, their offers a great incentive as they work towards their A Levels this summer.

Downside’s Head Master Dom Leo Maidlow Davis commented that, "The spread of subjects and the number of successful candidates is a testimony to the hard work of the pupils and the quality of the teaching being given by our staff across a broad range."

Downside School is one of England’s oldest and most distinguished Catholic schools and these results help to reaffirm its place among the top flight of the country’s co-educational independent boarding schools.

These results are also a testament to the range of improvements in teaching and learning implemented by Daniel Gibbons, the Director of Studies, since he arrived in 2011. “We work very hard to foster a love for learning. Pupils are not just prepared for examinations, but for the challenges of life beyond Downside. Our curriculum is underpinned and strengthened by Benedictine values, which encourages engagement in issues that are of vital importance to our world and its future. We are absolutely delighted to see so many offers this year, 12% of the year, and in particular for English.”


January 2014

Press Enquiries:

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