The Women
18th November 2013

The Women directed by pupil, Lily Morrish-Postlethwaite (17)


For two nights audiences enjoyed a vibrant and entertaining commentary on Manhattan’s women of the 1920s in The Women, performed at the Stahl Theatre by a talented group of pupils from Wyatt House and directed by Head of School, Lily Morrish-Postlethwaite (17).


The Women chronicles what happens when the wealthy battle it out to be the socialite of the season. Mary Haines’ (played by Eve von der Heyde (17)) husband, Stephen, has an affair with Crystal Allen (played by Kirsty Ross-Stewart (17)), that is published in a gossip magazine. After hearing, two years and a divorce later, that Crystal has since been unfaithful to Stephen, Mary plots to expose her in a bid to win him back. This social satire had audiences in fits over its outrageous New York high flyers.


Lily commented, “I chose The Women for two reasons: first of all I wanted to involve as many Wyatt girls as possible, both on and off stage, and this play has the largest all female cast I could find. Secondly I wanted a challenge and the American accents coupled with the fact that some substantial cutting was needed gave both me, my cast and my crew that challenge in spades!


I began by working out which characters were in each scene (after some hefty cuts) and then splitting them into small, medium and large parts. I then asked everyone who was interested to audition in pairs and re-directed everyone to see how they were at listening and processing directions and then asked everyone what sort of size part they might like to have.”


This is the first play that Lily has directed, having appeared in many and she added, “I have to say I loved it! Not only was it satisfying and fun it was also exciting to be at the head of a team creating something very special. We only rehearsed an hour per day for about 5 weeks so it was extremely challenging. 


It was odd being in the audience as opposed to on stage on the nights of the performances, the sense of helplessness was, quite frankly, nail bitingly tense! But I did love the wonderful feeling of pride and admiration for all the cast and crew while watching the final product which I guess you don't get if you are in the play.”


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The School's history goes back to 1556 when Sir William Laxton, Master of the Worshipful Company of Grocers and Lord Mayor of London, endowed and re-founded the original Oundle Grammar School, of which he was a former pupil. In 1876, the Grocers' Company decided to divide the School into two parts: Laxton Grammar School, mainly for the inhabitants of the town, and Oundle School, mainly for pupils from further afield. However, to mark the new millennium, the Governing Body decided to reunite the two schools under the common name of Oundle School, with Laxton as a House for day-pupils.

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