Millfield Housekeeping Manager Celebrates Getting Degree After Six Years of Study
14th August 2019

Millfield School’s Housekeeping Manager, Trish Jansons, has just completed her BSc Hons Environment and Earth Science degree with the Open University after six and a half years of studying. 
Trish, who has worked at Millfield for the last 14 years, had the support of her Manager at Millfield and the school’s Grounds and Gardens team, who helped her to analyse trees on campus for her coursework. 
Trish initially intended to study Chemistry, but her passion for the environment lead her to choose a subject that has allowed her to gain valuable knowledge of the local landscape. 
“Even though completing the degree has been tough at times, it’s been a really enjoyable thing to do. I have had amazing support within Millfield, including from my manager and the Grounds team, who helped me sample the trees on campus. Natural England and Somerset Wildlife trust have really backed me as well. If I can just help one person to make cleaner, more environmentally friendly changes, it will be worth it.” 
“For my final project, I studied climate change’s effect on the soils of the Somerset Levels”, says Trish. “What a lot of people don’t know is that peat removes more carbon from the atmosphere than a standing forest: Somerset peat moors are the equivalent to the Amazon Rainforest! We really have to start looking after our British peat moors.” 
In her spare time, Trish volunteers with Somerset Wildlife, as well as working with the Bristol Green City Partnership and taking part in butterfly and bird counts. Trish has also been collaborating with 

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