Skyfall for school funds
21st July 2019

Taking fundraising to new heights, Gordon’s School’s Head Teacher; Bursar and Senior Pipe Major took to the skies for a tandem skydive to raise money for the school’s soon to be built sports hub.

Andrew Moss, Head at the Surrey boarding school, together with Bursar Susan Meikle; Senior Pipe Major Iona Scotson and two brave parents, Jane Blackbeard-Powick and Victoria Bailey raised over £6,000 in the skydive with the Royal Engineers Parachuting Team. The funds will help pay for the fixtures and fittings for the new sports hub at the school, which will be used by both students and the local community.

Both Mr Moss and Mrs Meikle had done skydives before but didn’t think they would be doing another one. However, they couldn’t resist taking up the challenge and helping to fundraise for the sports hub and all-weather pitch.

Mr Moss explained: “I am always telling students to be the best that they can be and to challenge themselves so I thought I really should set myself a challenge and do my bit to help the fundraising effort for the sports hub.”

He added: “I had done something similar before so I believed my chances of surviving were high!”

Mrs Meikle admitted: “The first, and what I expected to be the last time, I participated in a tandem skydive I looked earthwards just before the jump out of the plane, and vowed never again!”

“However, such is my determination that we raise sufficient funds to properly equipment the new Sports Hall and all-weather pitch at Gordon’s, that I agreed to jump again.”

Parent Jane Blackbeard-Powick confessed to doing the skydive as an alternative to baking cakes! Admitting to a fear of flying, Mrs Blackbeard-Powick said: “…whilst I was scared as I am sure a lot of people are, I was also excited to push myself out of my comfort zone and help contribute towards raising money for the school, I was never good at baking cakes anyway!”

The fearsome five follow hot on the heels of teacher Jamie Sinclair who ran the London Marathon for the school and the Bethune family, whose children board at the school, who cycled to Brighton to raise funds.

The new sports hall and all-weather pitch at Gordon’s will provide enough space for four badminton courts and changing rooms. In addition there will be spectator viewing areas.

The development, which will also be used by the local community, will be funded by the Gordon Foundation but funds are needed for the internal fixtures and fittings.

To find out more about the sports hub and to sponsor the skydivers, please visit:

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