BSA Academy to be launched this September
16th August 2019

The BSA Academy launches this September and is set to provide professional development opportunities for practitioners working in the boarding sector. The Academy is designed to give a clear pathway for practitioners to follow, in order to ensure the highest standards in the boarding sector.

The academy’s training may be accessed in a variety of contexts and will be delivered throughout the UK and worldwide: in person, at a day seminar, conference or accredited training courses. Entry-level training is available online via our webinar programme or courses run in conjunction with EduCare.

BSA Director of Safeguarding, Standards and Training Dale Wilkins said: “The Academy will play an active role in a practitioner’s professional and personal development. Practitioners will be able to evaluate and have a clear appreciation of the personal and professional needs and skills involved in a boarding role, whilst developing a greater knowledge and understanding of the issues facing boarders and the boarding sector.”

Supporting the training programme conducted by the academy, the BSA uses a network of professionals to deliver expert guidance on issues that boarders, staff and parents face daily. This support is readily accessible via telephone or email, thus ensuring that boarding staff can confidently support the whole boarding community of their school.

 The unique pathway established by the Academy allows practitioners to enhance their professional development in a structured and defined manner, allowing them to easily track their progress and foresee the next steps for their future development.

Starting at Practitioner level, the BSA offers a range of essential training in the skills that are required to adequately work in a boarding community. Next, participants can partake in certificate and advanced certificate courses, which give the practitioner more freedom to conduct their own independent study. Diploma level focusses on the leadership of boarding within schools, which too allows participants the opportunity to conduct private research into their chosen aspect of boarding provision. Finally, the BSA has partnered with the University of Buckingham to launch a new and first-ever dedicated Master’s degree in Residential Education, a scheme that also launches this September.

BSA Chief Executive Robin Fletcher said: “We hope the Academy will continue the BSA’s work in championing excellence in the boarding sector and help achieve and maintain high boarding standards both nationally and internationally.”

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