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9 Oct
BAISIS virtual seminar: Managing a whole-school approach to EAL
09 Oct 2020 - 09 Oct 2020




BAISIS virtual day seminar

Title: Managing a whole-school approach to EAL

Date: October 09, 2020
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Speaker: Andrew Pritchett, Head of EAL, The Mount, Mill Hill International
Audience: Heads of EAL, EAL teaching and support staff


Why should you attend?
If you teach EAL in a mainstream school or are responsible for EAL provision in your school, this day is intended to help you explore how EAL classroom strategies and teaching techniques can be applied to the mainstream subject classroom, to enable you to cascade ideas across departments in your school, to help you support subject teachers, and to enable you to take a role in influencing managers and policy makers.

To give Heads of Department and EAL teachers a better understanding of the issues involved in teaching mainstream subjects to international pupils and equip them with the tools to improve learning opportunities and outcomes for international pupils in their schools. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss best practice and gain practical strategies to support those in the mainstream subject classroom.


• An overview of the best practice approach to EAL: Theory into practice
• The benefits of academic immersion for international pupils.
• Introduction to CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).
• Practical strategies for subject specific teachers to support international pupils in the classroom.
• Policy level immersion – explore the top down and bottom up approach to immersion.
• Developing a school-wide approach – the value of whole school policies for international pupils.

Wider context and/or application to the independent sector:
Many Heads of EAL work in isolation. The seminar will share valuable ideas and be a great networking opportunity.

Outcomes and resources:
Participants will identify and evaluate the advantages of a long-term approach to school-wide integration for international pupils, evaluate policies related to international pupils, and take away practical strategies to support their colleagues in the mainstream subject classroom.

Speaker: Andrew Pritchett, Head of EAL, The Mount, Mill Hill International


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