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14 Sep
BSA webinar: Promoting positive mental health for staff and students
14 Sep 2020 14:00 - 14 Sep 2020 15:00




BSA Webinar

Title: Promoting positive mental health: 'Toolkit for resilience for wellbeing'


Date: September 14, 2020
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Speaker: Victoria English, lecturer and Mental Health consultant
Audience: Senior Leadership/Management, Boarding staff


This webinar focuses on how we can best look after our own mental health and resilience using the latest in neuroscience/positive psychology giving practical strategies which can help to reduce stress and alleviate burn out in education. Mentally well and resilient staff act as role models and examples to the students they live and work with, cultivating a community culture developing mental health resilience and a positive approach to managing the routine ups and downs of life.


Webinar content breakdown:

  • What do we mean: staff wellbeing
    • the importance of self care
    • how stress impacts the mind and body
    • the negative pre-set.
  • The brain and neuroplasticity
    • how to rewire your brain
    • creating positive neural pathways
    • calming the stress response
  • Practical strategies to improve wellbeing
    • mindfulness
    • positive psychology
    • diet and exercise
  • Wellness recovery action plan
    • what works personally for wellbeing
    • actions to positively improve wellbeing
    • signs that demonstrate I am feeling unwell
    • best ways to support me



Speaker: Victoria English, lecturer and Mental Health consultant
Award winning speaker, lecturer and Mental Health consultant specialising in Mental and Emotional Health, Special Educational Needs and Corporate Wellbeing. 

After lecturing in Further Education for 25 years from Corporate Mental Health Programmes, A level Social Sciences, to teaching students with profound to moderate learning disabilities, I am able to comprehend the complex nature of ensuring good mental health and wellbeing in those around us.

I believe that wellbeing comes before success and as such if we want to ensure employee engagement or academic achievement it is imperative we address the fundamentals of good mental health, resilience and wellbeing first.
I provide bespoke mental health, emotional wellbeing training to fit your organisations/schools needs and have experience with working with a wide range of organisations. All the training aims to not only provide knowledge, but to empower individuals and organisations with the tools to become resilient and maintain wellbeing.
I am proud to state that both my training and public speaking is very well received, the feedback is regularly rated 'excellent'.