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10 Feb
Online safety in boarding: keeping policy current and compliant
10 Feb 2020 - 10 Feb 2020

Online safety in boarding - keeping policy current and compliant


Date: February 10, 2020

Venue: Blundell's School, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 4DN

Cost: Member £210 / Non-member £260

Audience: Deputy Head, Head of Boarding, Boarding staff


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Why should you attend?

This seminar will provide an update on the latest challenges facing pupils when they go online. It will also focus on the statutory requirements that schools need to consider when creating policy; particularly around the use of mobile devices and internet access. There will be plenty of time for group discussion and debate, as well as opportunities to discuss ideas and specific issues relating to individual schools.



  1. To provide an update on the latest challenges facing children and young people online
  2. To ensure participants have a good understanding of the statutory requirements places on (boarding) schools with regards to online safety both from a curriculum, pastoral and technical infrastructure perspective
  3. To consider some case studies (these will be provided but participants are invited to share their own in advance of the seminar) and engage in a discussion about possible approaches and strategies for managing these
  4. To ensure that participants are aware of the different aspects of online safety education that need to be delivered by schools and to signpost resources that can help.



10 – 10:30        Tea/Coffee on arrival

10:30                Welcome and Introduction

10:35                Session 1 – Overview of the current online safety landscape - a review of the current challenges facing children and young people. This session will consider the latest research and provide information on the latest apps and platforms that pupils are using as well as the risks they face.

11:30                Tea/Coffee

11:45                Session 2 – Policy and statutory guidance ­what do schools have to do with regards online safety? How do they know if they are doing everything, and more importantly getting it right?! This session will include a more in depth look at effective filtering and monitoring and will identify what schools need to be doing in order to be compliant.

12:45                Lunch

13:30                Session 3 – How to ensure coverage - what are the different aspects of online safety, how do schools know that they are compliant when delivering an online safety curriculum? How do schools tailor this to benefit their pupils?

14:30                Tea/Coffee

14:45                Session 4 – Case studies (and possible future developments) - an opportunity to discuss some online safety case studies (participants are invited to share their own if they wish) and a brief glimpse at some of the challenges that are expected in the coming months.

15:30                Close


Wider context and/or application to the Boarding sector:

The start of 2020 will have seen boarders returning with an ever increasing array of connected devices from smart watches and fitness trackers, to tablets, laptops and phones. We are living in a connected world; young people no longer talk about being online or offline - they are constantly connected. Ofcom research in 2019 found that 62% of all 12-15 year olds in the UK sleep with their phone in their bedroom. Living and working with young people 24/7, those working in boarding need to be aware of the latest challenges and developments. This seminar will provide opportunities to share experiences, learn from others and hear about different strategies to address the key issues that are facing pupils.


Outcomes and resources:

Participants will have a good overview of the latest research looking at what children and young people are doing online and the challenges they face. They will have an understanding of the statutory requirements placed onto schools and how they can ensure that they are compliant with these in a practical way.

Participants will be signposted to a number of resources aimed at fostering discussion and debate amongst pupils and staff around a wide range of online issues.


Speaker: Karl Hopwood

Karl Hopwood is an independent online safety expert. He is a member of UKCIS (UK Council for Internet Safety) and sits on the UKCIS evidence group and education group as well as on the advisory board for the UK Safer Internet Centre and the education advisory board for CEOP. He also sits on Twitter’s trust and safety council and the Roblox trust and safety board where he represents the Insafe network. Karl has worked for a number of key players in the UK and abroad including CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre), BECTA (British Educational and Communications Technology Agency), the European Commission, the UN and several Local Authorities within the UK and in Europe.

As an ex primary headteacher, he continues to work closely in schools across Europe with children, young people, parents and teachers to develop safer online behaviours and the promotion of digital literacy. Karl has been employed for the last 13 years as an in-house consultant for INSAFE which is the coordinating node of the EU Better Internet for Kids programme where he is responsible for the coordination of safer internet helplines across Europe. Karl is the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Marie Collins Foundation, a charity which supports young people who have been sexually abused and exploited online and is also a trustee of Childnet International. Karl has recently worked with a team developing a national online safety strategy in Rwanda and is also working with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to re-write their Child Online Protection Guidance.


Blundell's School, Tiverton, Blundell's School, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 4DN, United Kingdom