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18 Jun
Understanding boys and young men
18 Jun 2020 - 18 Jun 2020

Understanding boys and young men


Date: June 18, 2020

Venue: St George's School, Windsor Castle, Windsor, SL4 1QF

Cost: Member £210 / Non-member £260

Audience: Boarding staff, Head of Boarding, Deputy Head, Medical staff


Why should you attend?

Boys and men are different to girls and young women and this is particularly apparent during adolescence. This seminar will outline these differences and enable staff to make the most of their time working with boys and young men in their care. It will identify the issues more common in boys, especially around mental health, and offer ways to promote dialogue between staff and student.


  1. To outline the differences between genders and the particular needs of boys
  2. To gain effective help in how to understand, talk, listen and work with boys and young men
  3. Mental health issues in young men are rising, this seminar aims to dissipate any fears of staff relating to this.



10 – 10:30           Tea/Coffee on arrival

10:30                   Welcome and Introduction

10:35                   Session 1 – Gender differences, boys and friendships, how boys listen

11:30                   Tea/Coffee

11:45                   Session 2 – Overcoming negative parenting with boys, talking to boys so that they hear

12:45                   Lunch

13:30                   Session 3 – How to help with anger, boys and hygiene, encouraging boys to open up about feelings/mental health

14:30                   Tea/Coffee

14:45                   Session 4 – Working safely, protecting students and yourself

15:30                   Close


Outcomes and resources:

All materials used during the day, including a PDF of the PowerPoint will be sent to delegates.  Further suggestions of material will be made and will be available on request after the day.


Speakers: Jackie Cox 

Jackie has trained teachers and teaching professionals on many issues surrounding young people for the past 30 years. She has a degree in Psychology and a diploma in counselling and is a very experienced counsellor, teacher and counselling supervisor working in schools and on an independent basis. Her casework, which covers more than 30 years, covers a wide variety of conditions concerning relationship, either with self or others. In 2005, she set up Jackie Cox Educational Training, where she is the sole trainer (  Jackie has had articles published on Self Harm and Mental Health issues in magazines and national newspapers.

Jackie works for Lighthouse Professional training and the BSA for their Professional Development Certificate and their Professional Practice Certificate as well as The Girls Day School Trust. Jackie worked as a Samaritan for many years where she undertook prison visits. Later she co-ordinated Harrow Victim Support Scheme and was the first counsellor to be trained specifically to deal with cases of rape. Jackie worked at Harrow School for more than 18 years, teaching PSHE and acting as a counsellor to the boys. In September 2007, she was appointed as the school counsellor for St Paul’s Girl’s school in Hammersmith, working mainly with the Senior girls, In September 2010, she was appointed as counsellor and trainer at St Helen’s School in Northwood.  Jackie works almost exclusively with older teens and with those who teach and support them.


St George's School, Windsor Castle, St George's School, Windsor Castle, Windsor, SL4 1QF, United Kingdom