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22 May
What every matron should know
22 May 2020 - 22 May 2020

What every Matron should know


Date: May 22, 2020 (rescheduled from March 20, 2020)

Audience: Boarding staff, Medical staff


Why should you attend?

This seminar is designed to give boarding staff a more in depth understanding of the teenage brain. It looks at the different stages of development and discusses how 21st century life influences behaviour. Attendees will look at mental health and what happens when this becomes ‘unhealthy’.


  1. To have a better understanding of the teenage brain
  2. To learn what is ‘normal’ behaviour
  3. To recognise when behaviour becomes abnormal
  4. To identify resources useful to attendees in their environments to support the wellbeing of pupils.



  • Understanding the teenage brain – looks at normal development and how it works in comparison to a fully developed adult brain
  • Teenagers in the 21st century – identifies statistically current issues that are leading to teenage mental ill health
  • Wellbeing – what it is and what can we do, identifying mental ill health as well as strategies pupils can use to promote wellbeing.


Wider context and/or application to the Boarding sector:

The seminar will consider how to best support young people, taking into account the boarding environment and focus on academic excellence, reviewing stresses and pressures they may encounter. Delegates will explore wellbeing and resources used to promote this, particularly ideas for the boarding environment.

Outcomes and resources:

Handouts and shared ideas of resources identified during the session for promoting wellbeing back in their boarding environment.



Speaker: Jane Graham

Jane is a registered sick children’s nurse; she trained at Great Ormond Street and worked for 20 years on PICU as senior sister and practice educator. As part of the unit’s CATS trauma team she spent a lot of time teaching clinically or at South Bank University. More recently she moved into school nursing setting up medical centres in two schools. She continues at St Teresa’s School in Effingham as Lead Nurse. She runs a Surrey clinical supervision group for independent school nurses and has her own business in First Aid training.

Jane is married with 3 school age children.


Virtual day seminar