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21 Jan
Induction training for GAP assistants (London)
21 Jan 2020 - 21 Jan 2020

Induction training for GAP assistants


Date: January 21, 2020

Venue: Melia White House Hotel, Albany Street, Regent's Park, London, NW1 3UP

Cost: Member £150 / Non-member £190

Audience: GAP assistants


Why should you attend?

GAP assistants working in boarding schools need to understand their professional responsibilities working with children and young people. Having just finished their own education, it is vital that delegates can make a successful transition to joining a staff team and being responsible for the education and wellbeing of others.



This day seminar offers an essential insight into life in a boarding environment and will help delegates to work effectively and safely. Delegates will receive up to date training on all aspects of safeguarding, as well as building confidence in supporting boarders. Through a mixture of training and discussion, they will cover the 'essential' skills to working in a boarding environment.



  • What is Safeguarding? – the legal framework, responsibilities and child protection
  • Meeting the needs of boarders – an understanding of the issues boarders face and how to support them through effective pastoral care
  • The international context – cultural identity, diversity and shock
  • What can go wrong? – discussion about potential pitfalls to avoid.


Wider context and/or application to the Boarding sector:

Safeguarding is of the highest priority in boarding schools and GAP assistants are an integral part of keeping children safe. A fundamental knowledge of safeguarding and child protection is vital to all who work with children and young people. Looking after boarders requires a good understanding of their needs and how to help to meet them effectively in the boarding environment. To deliver high quality pastoral care, working as part of a team is important; equally delegates must know what is expected of them and, with relatively little experience they need an insight into some of the pitfalls that they might face.


Outcomes and resources:

GAP assistant workbook with additional information to refer to throughout their year in boarding.



Speaker: Craig Middleton




Melia White House Hotel, Melia White House Hotel, Albany Street, Regent's Park, London, NW1 3UP, United Kingdom