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3 Oct
Essentials for new school Matrons
03 Oct 2019 - 03 Oct 2019

Essentials for new school Matrons


Date: October 03, 2019

Venue: Royal Russell School, Coombe Lane, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 5BX

Cost: Member £210 / Non-member £260

Audience: Boarding staff, Matrons


Why should you attend?

The role of matron varies from school to school. For those new to the role and/or to boarding this seminar is designed to support attendees  learn more about the role they have just started, how to work as part of a boarding team, how to understand and best meet the needs of the boarders in their care and understand the governance and processes involved.


  1. To understand the role of the matron
  2. To have a better understanding of legislation
  3. To learn how to be part of the boarding team and the whole school team
  4. To identify and have clear ideas on how we can support the boarders and their needs.



10 – 10:30        Tea/Coffee on arrival

10:30                Welcome and Introduction

10:35                Session 1 – Role of the Matron - identify what you do, how does this compare to other schools, how it fits within inspection criteria

11:30                Tea/Coffee

11:45                Session 2 – What is a team? - exploring the role of a team, how teams can vary and how team members bring different qualities. This covers appraisals, induction and CPD to encourage team effectiveness.

12:45                Lunch

13:30                Session 3 – Raising the profile of boarding - a brief look at how matrons can ensure the rest of the school understanding the role and what they do for boarders

14:30                Tea/Coffee

14:45                Session 4 – Meeting the needs of boarders - a closer examination of routine, safety, health, comfort, communication, socialisation and education. Group work to identify the needs and explore how the role of matron can meet these needs.

15:30                Close

Wider context and/or application to the Boarding sector:

We identify how the role of the boarding matron differs from any other role in the school. We look at the expectations of your role and how it varies, how we can raise the profile of boarding and more importantly look at what the needs of the boarders are in boarding and how we can meet them

Outcomes and resources:

Handouts and resources from breakout sessions



Speaker: Jane Graham, Lead Nurse, St Teresa’s, Effingham and BSA Nurse Advisor

Jane is a registered sick children’s nurse; she trained at Great Ormond Street and worked for 20 years on PICU as senior sister and practice educator. As part of the unit’s CATS trauma team she spent a lot of time teaching clinically or at South Bank University. More recently she moved into school nursing setting up medical centres in two schools. She continues at St Teresa’s School in Effingham as Lead Nurse. She runs a Surrey clinical supervision group for independent school nurses and has her own business in First Aid training.

Jane is married with 3 school age children.


Royal Russell School, Royal Russell School, Coombe Lane, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 5BX, United Kingdom