COVID Supplier List

BSA COVID Supplier List

The BSA COVID-19 supplier list aims to connect members and organisations navigating the pandemic.

The suppliers listed below are not endorsed by BSA, nor does the association accept any liability for the quality of the goods/services listed on this page. All suppliers have entered into a commercial arrangement with the BSA to promote their goods/services. 


Alcohol Free Sanitiser & Protection Tunnel



Hands and surfaces
PTC XtraSAN is a non-alcohol based sanitiser. It does not contain any hazardous chemicals, yet it has a tested kill rate of 99.999% and is certified against Coronavirus.

It’s the perfect sanitiser for schools:

  • Can be used on hands, surfaces and can be atomised
  • It does not evaporate like alcohol rubs but forms a biofilm of protection lasting for 6 to 7 days
  • It can be safely used to sanitise school equipment between uses – desks, furniture screens, gym equipment
  • It’s food safe and presents no extra safety measures
  • No special storage is required
  • BS EN1276, BS EN13697, BS EN14476

Safety data sheets available on request.

Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel
Protect your pupils and staff as they enter and exit your site for as little as £13 +VAT per person per scholastic year.

Using PTC XtraSAN sanitiser, the Gateway atomises a fine mist safely over people as they enter or exit the school to deactivate any virus particles on clothes or skin.

Let PTC XtraSAN be part of your Coronavirus protocol, reassuring parents, pupils and staff as they return in the Autumn. Call now for a tailored quote for your school.




Safe Tech Installations Limited

We are distributors of Bacoban and other liquid glass technologies.

Bacoban provides long term surface disinfection tested for up to 10 days.

We supply the original Bacoban®, a product created to solve the perennial hygiene issue facing healthcare cleaners - by the time the room is fully disinfected it has to be started over.  Standard disinfectants such as bleach work very well at the point of contact, but do not offer residual protection.

  • Conventional disinfectants kill all known germs – but only for a short period.
  • There is an active period. Following evaporation, moments later, the area treated is open to pathogen invasion. Until the next disinfection, there is no protection.
  • Bacoban® establishes an ultra-thin film with a lasting effect.
  • The sol-gel process means it goes on liquid but cures to a solid gel which lasts for days.
  • The biocides used to kill germs are embedded in the porous structure of the sponge-like sol-gel.

Use Bacoban in place of a general-purpose cleaner, or we can supply nebuliser equipment enabling automated sanitisation of a 100m3 classroom in 20 minutes, without calling in expensive contractors, and not requiring re-sanitisation for 10 days.  Stop cleaning.  Start teaching.

Bacoban is certified against coronaviruses, including Covid19, as well as common viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens.  Transform your school into a safe haven.

  • Bacoban is certified food safe.
  • Bacoban® is VAH-listed and CE certified as a class 2A medical device.

See what Bacoban can do for you.  View our website for certificates and further details.

                           0345 3405 033

Quote BSA-COVID for your discount before 1st September 2020



Face Coverings


Funky Face MaskFunky Face Mask

Funky Face Masks are custom face covering, branded for your school to ensure the safety of your pupils and staff when school reopens. 

The masks are designed specifically for personal use and are not surgical masks. Funky Face Masks are:

  • Completely customised to your brand
  • Safe and securely sealed
  • Low cost
  • Funky by nature.

Use code 'BSA COVID' when ordering to receive your BSA discount.

Face Coverings


Goldpro Face Masks 

Goldpro Medical Ltd is a mask factory in Hong Kong. Goldpro manufactures medical face masks and graphene face masks. Our mask factory meets the international standard of ISO14644-1 Class 8 level and hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products GB15979-2002.

Medical disposable face masks:

  • Certified to EN 14683:2019 Type II
  • BFE >99% & PFE >99%
  • Schools can prepare for the staff at the medical centre

Graphene fabric face masks:

  • An atom-thick honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms. It is a building block for other graphitic materials
  • Reusable and washable
  • Can insert a PM2.5 filter if you like
  • Fully adjustable ear-loops which is easily worn by kids and adults
  • Can be branded for your school

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact our authorised distributor Pheebie Kwok ( from Crown Education Centre for more details. Special discount is offered to BSA members!

Liquid hand sanitiser


ClearWater Hygiene                                                                                  

ClearWater Hygiene’s Hand Sanitiser is an 80% Ethanol liquid hand sanitiser, 100% made in Britain, protecting the UK’s key workers on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. Distilled in Scotland, bottled in England, Made in Great Britain.

For more information, please call 03338 008 232 or email



AssetPool Covid19 Safeguarding Compliance & Verification Software

Keep your premises safe & operational with AssetPool’s easy-to-use, handheld solution for fast, accurate compliance:

  • Daily reassurance for staff, pupils & parents
  • Efficient 20-second symptom checking of each individual, before allowing access to site
  • Keeps “R” rate down by tracking possible infections before medical testing
  • Frequent logging of cleaning measures using customised digital ticklists & secure records
  • Non-contact, high-accuracy secure digital process with QR codes
  • Dashboard tracking: risk management through instant reporting & archives
  • Tried & tested, fast & flexible, front-end app loaded to any smartphone
  • Per-person monthly subscription with system installed within 24-48 hours
  • Added ancillary benefit as a student attendance register at point of COVID screening (can connect to 3rd parties of the school through the use of an API)

Installation appointments are available right now.
Quote “BSA-Earlybird” to apply your discount until 1 September 2020.

Find out more:

Or email:

See the AssetPool "How to be Safe with AssetPool" blog here



Rupert Channing: +44 (0)7787 500500

Chronomics was founded and is run by scientists from the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and UCL that have published extensively in methods for the interrogation of biological systems - such as next generation sequencing approaches for the detection of RNA and DNA, single cell methods with very limited input materials, nanoporemetagenomics approaches, viral polymerase detection methods and more.

Chronomics has developed and validated it’s SARS-COV-2 test off of the base CDC-approved, FDA EUA approved RT-PCR test for COVID-19. The Chronomics IVD test is CE marked and UK MHRA registered.  The test is also a notified test at the FDA, and the company expects to receive their FDA EUA authorisation during the course of July 2020.

Chronomics has been working extensively with the UK government at Ministerial and Secretary of State level in DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care) as well as DCMS (Department for Culture Media and Sport), as it works with PHE (Public Health England) to support the UK government with its overall strategy for UK testing, and is in advanced discussions with respect to deploying this test through the NHS.

The Chronomics test has shown to  be at least as sensitive as measured against the Gold Standard for SARS-COV-2 virus detection. The test was able to detect the virus as low as 1 copy per micro-litre. The Chronomics test has been deliberately designed such that it can be run on most if not all lab RNA extraction robotics as well as all major manufacturers of PCR machines.

A Number of Significant Benefits Have Been Identified 

1. Safety. The Saliva test is inherently safer to administer than the Nasal Pharyngeal Swab test. It is self-administered – there is no requirement for any clinical / medical assistance to conduct test. This eliminates the risk of contamination of a healthcare professional in the process of sample provision.

2.The test by its very nature is non-invasive. It is significantly less unpleasant to deploy – particularly as part of a frequent testing strategy. Using NPS testing with significant regularity expose the patient to the risk of potential damage/injury to nasal tissues as a result of the invasive nature of the swab. 

3. The saliva test eliminates the need to provide Healthcare professionals as well as supporting PPE equipment thus significantly reducing the total cost per test of specimen acquisition.

4. The Saliva specimen is stable in the tube for 7 days up to 37 Degrees.

5. The Chronomics Test has been designed to be able to be processed on three platforms enabling High Throughput processing and significantly scaled up test processing capability.

Please email quoting 'BSA 2020' for more information.


Testing and Tracking


Taylor Education: Covid-19 testing and tracking app


Cost price solution for schools and colleges

Group Rate Covid Tests

Taylor Education has partnered with several high profile professional UK testing laboratories to negotiate a group rate for UK schools and colleges. The labs have agreed to make the student and staff of education establishments a testing priority and fast-track accurate test results for every test within 24-48 hours. They have also agreed to provide the tests at cost price. This means schools and colleges have access to world-class testing at cost price. In comparison, the NHS testing regime is far slower and is only available for those exhibiting symptoms or in certain groups. This will give schools access to preventative testing.

The labs are all already under contract to provide testing for Public Health England and will carry out testing for you at the same level of accreditation, only faster.

This service is provided with advice and protocols which have been developed by Taylor Education in association with several of the largest UK independent schools which are determined that Michaelmas Term 2020 will be business as usual. It has saved them the inconvenience of paying for and providing quarantine accommodation on top of the inevitable testing that would be needed anyway.

Wearable Track and Trace App

Taylor Education has partnered with a leading tech developer to create wearable track and trace apps, which can be used in conjuction with the testing protocols to give schools optimal reassurance that outbreaks can be immediately contained. All students and staff wear the “fit-bit” style wrist-bands and the school is alerted immediately a positive test occurs of everyone who has been in proximity of the Covid-19 carrier. Action can then be taken immediately to isolate and further test those at risk.

This is the only way to ensure school business can continue usual. The price for this water-resistant wearable app is a very low monthly tariff, and broken wristbands will be replaced immediately free of charge.

This service is provided with advice and protocols which have been developed by Taylor Education in association with several of the largest UK independent schools which are determined that Michaelmas Term 2020 will be business as usual. It has saved them the inconvenience of paying for and providing quarantine accommodation on top of the inevitable testing that would be needed anyway.

Taylor Education is happy to arrange for your school to have access to these unique packages and will help familiarise you with the protocols which other schools have already set in place. Tests can be administered in country of origin and shipped for immediate testing, so pre-departure screening is now also possible. The wearable app is available from the end of July.

Covid Testing news article featuring Taylor Education

Please email quoting 'BSA 2020' to access this deal.


Thermal Temperature Camera System


Eclipse strategic securityEclipse Strategic Security Ltd: Fever Screening Solutions
01568 611155

Eclipse are dedicated to protecting your students, staff and wider community. Fever is an early indication of Covid19 and our rapid Fever Screening Solution uses the latest thermal technology to screen access to your site which identifies those who may be infected, without risk to others.

Benefits are:

  • accurate to within 0.3 degree Celsius
  • rapid scanning capability
  • hands free control
  • integration into current access systems possible
  • unlock access via door entry, barrier control
  • freestanding option, desk mount, wall mount
  • optional facial recognition
  • free survey
  • educational 10% discount until 1 September 2020
  • reassurance for UK and International parents

Please use code ‘BSA COVID’ when ordering to receive your BSA discount. If you would like any more advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.






Fortress Direct is a division of Fortress Diagnostics, a multi award-winning global provider of in vitro diagnostics (IVDs). We develop, manufacture and support an extensive portfolio of clinical diagnostic tests from our ISO 13485:2016-accredited facility in the United Kingdom.  

We are pleased to offer Boarding Schools via the BSA, access to our Rapid Antibody Test at an affordable price. Antibody testing can be used as a part of a broader return to school safely programme and complements Antigen testing available for free on the NHS. 

Our Commitment to Covid-19 Testing 

Fortress Diagnostics have developed and manufactured a complete range of tests that detect the new strain of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The tests enable quick and informed treatment decisions to be made at the point of care. 

To date Fortress Diagnostics have developed the following state of the art kits: 

  • RT-PCR (antigen test)
  • Total Antibody Elisa (lab based immunoassay antibody test) 
  • IgG/IgM Rapid Device (rapid test cassette - results in 15 minutes) 

Antibody Testing 

The NHS, Imperial College NHS Trust, and the MHRA have given us permission to publicly state Fortress are exclusively partnering with them in one of the largest and most comprehensive UK public studies into COVID-19 – the REACT study. 

Fortress Diagnostics developed and manufactured a test that detects the new strain of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). A single use, rapid device for qualitative detection of total antibodies against 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in human serum, plasma or whole blood specimens.

A test you can trust: 

Our test has been independently validated by Imperial College NHS Trust, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Welcome Trust. These studies have been peer reviewed and will be published in the BMJ and The Lancet. 

Our test is CE Certified and must be administered by a healthcare professional. The tests currently are packed in kits of 10T and 20T. 

Ease of use: 

  • Rapid finger prick test for coronavirus 
  • Results available in only 15 minutes
  • No need for an analyser 
  • Four simple steps

Benefits of testing: 

  • To understand which members of staff have had COVID-19 
  • To understand if boarders from overseas have had COVID-19  
  • To support a risk assessment in the event of a reported case on site or a second wave 


Special rate for Boarding Schools: 

£29.99 + VAT per Rapid Antibody Test. Minimum order 100 tests. 

Use code 'BSA COVID' when ordering to receive your BSA discount. 


Mike Gore 




WerArewe is a bespoke sign-in/out system for schools, enabling tracking in line with NMS Standard 15 (socially distanced and contactless), contact tracing (COVID-19), and quick/safe emergency evacuation (fire or live threat) management. It requires no communal surface use and can be accessed via any internet connected device. It has been working with boarding schools, and the Local Fire Services, over the last two years and is now looking to offer the use of the system and its many features to schools across the UK and abroad. 

For more information, please call +44 1293 887622 or email