Gold Supplier


Schoolblazer is the UK’s leading school uniform supplier best known for its dedicated commitment to delivering exceptional garments and first class service.

We have built relationships with leading textile innovators around the world, bringing new ideas and styles to over 170 schools in the last 10 years. From country tweed to city pinstripes, we use our expertise to ensure that changing uniform supplier is managed smoothly and effectively.

We were the first to offer a truly bespoke school uniform; the first to include free name-tape application as standard; the first to offer an online shop for parents to purchase at ease; and the first to introduce Intelligent Sizing. Our ‘firsts’ have been the benchmark. Even now, when we’ve got a 95% customer satisfaction rating and our returns are under 8% – the lowest level of returns in UK online clothing retail! – we’re just getting started.

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The accomplished Engage School Management Information System (SMIS) is designed for the unique needs of independent and international schools. Expansive functionality including admissions, marketing, academic, pastoral and financial is centralised making it simpler and intuitive for parents and teachers, while driving management at a school or group level. With school specific language and terminology, versatile form and workflow building, interoperability via API and fully tracked communications Engage will be Your School Community Ecosystem.


Monarch Partnership

Understanding the energy market can be time-consuming, and it’s often difficult to know exactly what the best deal is, or in which areas you can save the most money in. Schools have tight budgets to stick to and procuring energy at rates to match is a tricky business.

At ESS, we have helped over 60 schools and colleges get the most competitive prices to ensure they never overpay for energy. This saves them time, benefits the bank balance and allows them to invest more in other important resources.

We work with a range of education institutions, from small state primary schools to large independent secondary schools, many with more than one site. Often with extended campuses, schools can present particular problems in terms of the variety of supplies and the physical disposition of water and waste refuse services.

We recognise that head teachers, bursars and business managers have many calls on their time, and that energy, water and waste management costs may not be a priority. We are a reliable partner overseeing these important areas of the budget, freeing up your time for more urgent matters.


Firefly is the essential foundation for powering today’s modern learning experience. Firefly’s Modern Learning Experience Platform liberates teachers to innovate for greater impact in the classroom and beyond, while empowering leaders with holistic visibility to drive a transformational modern learning strategy for the entire school community.

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Linden Tours

Linden is dedicated to providing accredited universities and boarding schools with the forward-thinking, strategic, and dynamic recruitment experience necessary to succeed in international markets. Out international tours and customizable city options are designed to save you budgetary dollars and weeks of planning by providing you with the best tools to bolster your enrollments in 42 countries and 74 cities.