Head: Mr Will Phelan
Telephone: 01780 750300
Twitter: PrincipalsDesk
Head of Boarding Contact Information
Name: Mr Jon Hodgson
Telephone: 01780 750300
Number in School: 690
Number of Boarders: 70

Stamford School has a strong reputation for success, from high exam grades to sporting triumph. We foster a sense of personal responsibility, service to the community and leadership within our boys, underpinned by a pastoral ethic which places the well-being of the boys at the heart of all we do.

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Boarding Age From: 11 | Boarding Age To: 18

Year Fee Extras included in fees
Y7 - 13 Full Boarding - £27,352 Various boarding trip allowances
Y7 - 13 Weekly - £23,846 Various boarding trip allowances
Y7 - 13 3-Day - £20,723 Various boarding trip allowances

The pupils we met were some of the most unpretentiously impressive and charming we have met anywhere. This particular writer has visited over 150 schools for The GSG and cannot remember more open, articulate, and delightful pupils anywhere. They do the school great credit.The Good Schools Guide