Youngest Ever Pupils To Join Gordonstoun Junior School
6th December 2018

Gordonstoun Junior School will open its doors to a new Year 1 class in September 2019.  This is a class for boys and girls who are four years old by the end of February – the same age as children joining P1 in local Primary Schools.

The new pupils will be stretched and challenged in small class size both inside and outside the classroom and will be fully involved in Gordonstoun’s uniquely broad curriculum of developing a love of learning as well as introducing them to an array of out of classroom activities including; sport, music, drama, dance and outdoor education. 

There is an opportunity for any pupil interested in joining Gordonstoun in Years 1, 2, 3 or 4 (age 4-8) to take part in a taster morning on Friday 1 February.  This will provide an insight into life in the junior years at Gordonstoun.  For more information please email the Admissions department on

Robert McVean, Head of Gordonstoun Junior School said; “We have had many requests for children younger than Year 2 to join Gordonstoun, so we are very pleased to be expanding and creating a new Year 1 class.  Our main aims at the Gordonstoun Junior School are to encourage a love of learning and knowledge and to foster independent thinking, all within a safe and secure learning environment, where pupils can flourish, develop and lay the foundations for success as they progress through the school.”