Adventurer set to Inspire Region’s Cadets
4th December 2018

Explorer, writer and mountain guide, Tania Noakes, will lecture at Brentwood School inspiring cadets from across East Anglia with tales of her amazing adventure skiing the length of Norway in 82 days!

The region’s Sea, Army and Air cadets will unite with representatives from a number of Combined Cadet Forces to listen to Tania’s inspirational talk about her longest and most challenging solo ski-journey to date.

The lecture, on Saturday, 8th December in the School’s Memorial Hall, is being organised by the East Anglia Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (RFCA) who work tirelessly to support Reserve Forces and cadet organisations in East Anglia.

Earlier this year, Tania skied the classic Norge på langs, from Lindesnes, the most southerly tip of Norway to Nordkapp in the far north, covering a distance of 2533km….. 566hrs of skiing and 82 days, completed alone and without any mechanised transportation.

The lengthwise traverse of Norway from Lindesnes lighthouse in the south to Nordkapp on the arctic coast has long been established as one of Europe’s best long distance summer treks. It is far less frequently completed in winter, and rarely completed solo.

Tania is an Ambassador for the Ulysses Trust, a charity set up to provide funds to support Reserve Forces and cadet expeditions and she raised funds through sponsorship on her epic journey for the charity’s 25th Anniversary Appeal.

Maj (Retd) Jane Wilkes, Deputy Chief Executive of East Anglia RFCA, said: “This is the first of a series of Voice of Experience presentations for Cadets from across the six East Anglian counties.”

“Tania has achieved so much on her global adventures,” she added. “I’m hoping that those who listen to her tales will be inspired to seek similar opportunities for themselves.” 

In support of the government’s aim to increase the number of young people able to access the cadet experience, East Anglia RFCA helps schools to apply for a cadet unit under the Cadet Expansion Programme (CEP). The organisation is a long-standing link between the military and civic communities.

There are 23 Combined Cadet Forces (CCF) in East Anglia and each is a unique extra-curricular partnership between the school and the Ministry of Defence. We look forward to what promises to be an inspiring morning. 

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