Prep School honour fallen war heroes at Remembrance Service
12th November 2018

Rydal Penrhos Preparatory School gathered together to honour fallen war heroes at a special event.

The school held a Remembrance Service on Friday, November 9, which saw pupils, teachers and support staff congregate for the annual event, which bares further significance at Rydal Penrhos due to the 63 former pupils who lost their lives during World War One, with a further 43 killed in the Second World War.

Prep School Head Alison Hind opened proceedings with a reading, before Assistant Head Catherine Hughes read a poem detailing the significance of war and the impact it has made throughout history.

Newly appointed Head Boy Ellis Lister-Brookes and Head Girl Grace Watkins also contributed to the service with their own readings, before a 100-second silence was impeccably observed to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice in 1918 that signalled the end of World War One.

Year 3 also made special red coloured stones, which were placed at the foot of the Welsh flag flying proudly over the Prep School playground, and 100 poppies were designed and made by various year groups during a special Art project devised by teacher Suzy Morris.

These are currently being displayed in the school’s Reception area.

Mrs Hind, said: “We always strive to ensure that each pupil under our care understands the importance of the incredible sacrifices made by those that have gone before us, and it was great to see different year groups getting involved in some way to ensure their legacy lives on.

“The service was incredibly poignant, especially when you consider how many Rydal Penrhos pupils lost their lives during the two World Wars, and we will always be eternally grateful to them for their invaluable contribution in changing the course of human history for the better.”

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