Students from Different Faiths Study Middle East Conflict
8th November 2018

Controversial and challenging topics have been the subject of debate for History pupils at Lancaster Royal Grammar School recently.

Over the last few weeks, LRGS students have been working with Abrar Academy, an Islamic faith school, in Preston and have visited JCoSS, a Jewish Faith School.

The History department at Lancaster Royal Grammar School in collaboration with the Parallel Histories project has been teaching the history behind the conflict between Israel and Palestine.  In particular, the schools have been working together for the last few weeks to investigate issues such as: "Was the Israeli use of force in the 1st Intifada justified?"  And: "1948 and the exodus of the Palestinians", through workshops and then as a mixed-school team debate.

Headmaster Dr Chris Pyle said: "Parallel Histories has been very powerful for our students. It is so important that pupils from different schools and backgrounds learn to work together in a spirit of collaboration and critical enquiry. It has been excellent to see students enjoying and learning from those debates." 

LRGS historians are integral to the workshops and are chairing both debates, gaining a great deal from their experiences. They are currently preparing for a further debate on 12th November in London.

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