Mock trial
3rd October 2018

Thirty Fifth and Sixth Form Bromsgrove School pupils took part in a day of legal workshops on 25th September, culminating in a mock trial with law firm, Harrison Clark Rickerbys.  The trial judge was Ally Taft, Old Bromsgrovian (Thomas Cookes), who, in her spare time is a keen premiership rugby player and has played for England Academy. Bromsgrove Futures were hugely grateful for the hard work, time and enthusiasm that the team of five trainee solicitors and Ally gave the pupils.

It was fabulous to see the students interact with the representatives from Harrison Clark Rickerbys, they really made the most of the opportunity.  It was clear to see how engaged they were.  A whole day of training is intense, and it could have been quite easy for the students to lose their concentration, but they would have been happy to continue for the rest of the day if it had been possible.  The trial was obviously what they all wanted to be part of and it did not disappoint.  Again, co-operation and preparation were key and it worked so well.  The theatre of the trial did not disappoint, and there were great and convincing performances from our pupils.  For many, it was a super addition to their personal statement, but for the younger pupils, it was confirmation of the path they wish to follow.

One pupil commented, “I just wanted to take the time to tell you how thankful I was that the School made the Law Workshop possible with Harrison Clark Rickerbys. I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed the day and it has fuelled my passion for Law to an even greater extent. It was such an amazing and rare opportunity to be able to do this and has given me such a great insight into what I want to become in the future. I cannot thank you and the School enough for giving us all these opportunities to truly have academic success in the future. 



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