Felsted Maintains Top National Position for Educational Value for Second Year Running
2nd October 2013

Felsted’s ability to intellectually serve its broad intake, including its most academically able, has been confirmed once again by a recent announcement from the Department of Education.


For a second consecutive year, ‘Value Added’ has revealed Felsted to be in the top 10% of all schools, both state and independent, across the country in terms of the academic value added to every student’s performance. Value Added, introduced by the Department of Education, is a measure of the progress students make between different stages of education, revealing how schools have helped their students achieve this. The Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University, who analyse and produce the ‘Value Added’ score, have concluded that pupils continue to be more likely to improve their academic performance at Felsted than at 90% of other schools nationally, both state and independent.


Dr Walker, Headmaster at Felsted said, “For the second year running we have placed ourselves in the top 10% of all schools for adding the most value to every student in the school in terms of their academic results.  This means that 90% of schools across the country do not add as much value as we do to every child.  Academically we compete with the best.  We serve every student, our most academically able and those that require more support, very well indeed!”


Felsted has also recently gained reaccreditation for the British Council International School Award, which extends over the next three years.  The School, which boasts a vibrant range of nationalities, has been recognised for all the outreach work it undertakes with schools and organisations around the world, including trips to Mumbai to volunteer with ‘Magic Bus’ and its on-going membership of the prestigious Round Square organisation.

Dr Walker commented; “We are thrilled to have been re-accredited with this prestigious award which is recognition of all that Felsted does in reaching out on the international stage.  We have a range of high quality and very exciting opportunities for our students which develop them so much as individuals and as leaders of society in the future.”


Notes to Editor:


The value added score for each student is the difference (positive or negative) between their own 'output' point score and the median - or middle - output point score achieved by others with the same or similar starting point, or 'input' point score. In this way an individual student's progress is compared with the progress made by other students with the same or similar prior attainment.

A school's value added measure is a simple average (arithmetic mean) of the value added scores for all pupils in the school.

Felsted is a leading independent, co-educational, boarding and day school for pupils aged 4-18, based in East Anglia.


Dr Walker is available for further comment, if you would like to contact him or for further information please contact Sophy Aitken on or Victoria Hiett at or on 01371 822647

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