Daisy scales French Alps during summer break
13th August 2018

An intrepid Preparatory School pupil has been testing her limits during a family holiday to one of the most stunning landmarks anywhere in the world.

Daisy Yates, a Year 5 pupil at Rydal Penrhos, has been putting the summer holidays to good use with her family, and recently scales two prominent peaks during a special trip to the French Alps.

She began by scaling the picturesque Pointe de Bellegarde, which stands at 2,514-metres in height and involved a considerable effort to get to the summit.

The ten-year-old continued her incredible journey by tackling the 2,980-metre Pic du Lac Blanc, which she successfully complete thanks to the support of her parents to round off an unforgettable experience and is further evidence of her grit and determination to succeed.

The enthusiastic pupil has fully immersed herself in all areas of Rydal Penrhos life since joining in Year 4, and Daisy is a popular member of the Prep School community thanks to her fun-loving nature and confidence in a wide variety of different areas.

Prep School Head Alison Hind, said: “It was no surprise to hear Daisy has been fully active and pushing herself during the summer break, which is something she does on a daily basis under the care and support of staff here at our wonderful Prep School facility.

“Her ability to throw herself into everything no matter how challenging is a fantastic trait to see in someone so young, and there is no telling what she can go on to achieve in the future with such an incredible passion to get the most out of every experience.”


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