Future Millfield Prep astronauts watch once-in-a-lifetime rocket launch at Kennedy Space Centre
30th April 2018

Twenty-four Millfield Prep pupils had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of NASA, the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA, where they witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime rocket launch and had lunch with an astronaut.

The pupils watched the Falcon 9 take-off on a resupplying mission to the International Space Station, before meeting astronaut Charlie Walker, an American engineer who flew on three Space Shuttle missions between 1984 and 1985.

Pupils were able to see behind-the-scenes of the famous Launch Control Centre, where NASA teams were working on upcoming missions to Mars and the moon. The pupils also trained to be future astronauts during the ATX: Astronaut Training Experience.

Organiser of the trip and Millfield Prep Head of English, David Cageao, said: ‘The pupils had a fantastic time at the Kennedy Space Centre. With entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos once again turning the world’s attention to space, it was a great time to visit and perhaps inspire some future space travellers.”

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