Emily Hickman launches own Agriculture magazine
18th January 2018


A former Rydal Penrhos pupil has received a huge response after launching her own agricultural magazine.

Emily Hickman, who left the school in 2014, is the editor of People in Ag UK and the first edition was officially released on Thursday, January 11.

The 22-year-old is a final year student at Harper Adams University, and the magazine features five young people within the agriculture and agri-food supply industries and their experiences.

She said: “My aim with 'People in Ag UK' is to give people in the industry a platform to share their stories and express their opinions.

“We have publications for news and product reviews, so I wanted 'People in Ag UK' to be solely focussed on the individuals that give up their time to speak to me about the things that matter to them.

“It wouldn’t have been possible for me to turn my dream into reality without the help of the five people featured in this first issue. From the absolute bottom of my heart, I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to Dave Madeley, Matthew Ranson, Sammy Allen, Rebecca Kelsall and William Awan for putting up with my endless emails over the past four weeks or so, and for sparing the time to share their stories with me.”

The publication has had more than 1,000 views in under a week and this is the lates in a series of recent successes from the ex-Edwards House boarder, who has also received a scholarship from the British Poultry Council.

“It has been challenging to put this together in such a short time frame. I am immensely proud of what I’ve been able to achieve, and I cannot wait to see what future issues hold,” added Emily.

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