Table Tennis sensation Abhishek Bathula
19th October 2017

A Table Tennis superstar at Rydal Penrhos is in the final stages of preparation before heading to the Far East for a prestigious training programme.

Abhishek Bathula, a Year 11 pupil at the school, will part of the Wales squad that head to Shanghai on Thursday, October 19, where they will take part in a series of coaching sessions with some of the best and highly regarded table tennis coaches anywhere in the world.

The talented 15-year-old is the only North Wales representative to be selected for the squad, and the training programme is scheduled to last for ten days.

An established Welsh youth international, Abhishek has enjoyed a plethora of regional and national successes in recent months as he continues to develop his outstanding natural talent.

He is also an extremely gifted academic, which was highlighted this summer when he received an A* in Mathematics a year early, and also achieved three A* marks in his IGCSE subjects Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Director of Sport Allen Boyd, said: “This is sure to be a fantastic experience for Abhishek and one that will aid his development significantly.

“His game has come on an enormous amount in recent months thanks to the work he is putting in both in-and-out of school, and his potential is limitless if he continues to apply himself.

“Table Tennis is thriving in China and the Far East so this will be another extremely worthwhile experience for Abhishek, who is one of a number of sporting internationals we have here at Rydal Penrhos.”

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