Abingdon Boys embrace the Harp
4th October 2017

The soothing sound of the harp can be heard in the corridors of Abingdon School for the first time this term. With the help of local harp teacher Jenny Hill the boys have been enthusiastically taking the first steps toward playing this challenging instrument.

Jenny was invited to give the youngest boys at the school a demonstration and this inspired four of them to try an introductory lesson. She said, "I was delighted to meet this group of promising young players, all of whom showed enthusiasm and great potential as harpists."

Reggie Lambert, aged 11, who has signed up for further lessons commented, “I really enjoyed playing and I think it’s great that the school offers the lessons.” 

The Director of Music at Abingdon School, Michael Stinton, hopes that interest in playing this versatile instrument will grow and boys will be able to contribute to school and youth orchestral work.

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