National Poetry Day
4th October 2017

The students at Abingdon School ​started National Poetry Day with poetry themed tutor time, reading poems and engaging in poetry related activities. They also had the opportunity, together with staff, to enter a school wide poetry competition.

​ ​Aahaan Sharma (pictured), a Year 7 pupil, read a poem he wrote called "Freedom Inside Me" at an open mic session held at the School to celebrate ​the ​day. Aahaan followed his own poem with a reading of The Charge of the Light Brigade suggested by his Grandmother

Aahaan said, "I was inspired to write a poem because my grandmother is a writer and a poet."

The Headmaster of Abingdon School, Michael Windsor,​ re​cited a​ German poem called Wanderers Nachtlied (Night-song of the Wayfarer) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and a poem by Clive James called Leçons de Ténèbres

Speaking about the event Andrew Jamison, who teaches English at Abingdon said, "National Poetry Day allows us to celebrate the written and the spoken word in its many forms, from Chaucer to Kate Tempest, and to acknowledge the relevance this ancient art form can have in our lives today."

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