Examination results have been excellent again at St. Clare’s
5th August 2013

Examination results have been excellent again at St. Clare’s. In May 2013, 109 students took the International Baccalaureate Diploma resulting in an average points score of 36.4. You can appreciate just how well St. Clare’s has done when we compare our result with the average worldwide points score for all schools and colleges, which is less than 30 points. For our students this means:

  • The average 2013 student score of 36.4 is equivalent to 4 A* grades at A Level. This represents the best set of results, which the College has ever achieved.
  • One student achieved 45 points, the perfect score, the equivalent of 5 A* at A Level, a result achieved by only 0.2 % of all students who take the Diploma, world-wide, each year.
  • Two students achieved 44 points and four students gained 43 points.
  • Twenty nine students achieved 40 points or over, the equivalent of more than 4 grade A* at A Level
  • This is the 12th consecutive year in which students at St. Clare's have achieved 45 points. 97% of our students passed the IB Diploma in 2013.


The students who took their exams this summer were a particularly hard-working and interesting group of young people. They deserved to do well and I am delighted to see their efforts have paid off. St. Clare's fosters an educational environment in which young people choose to work hard. This result is a tribute both to the students themselves and to all the people who have supported them during their time at the College - Paula Holloway, Principal.

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