Impressive International Baccalaureate results from Rydal Penrhos candidates
18th July 2017

Rydal Penrhos pupils are celebrating another year of achievement as the provisional International Baccalaureate Diploma results were announced earlier this month.

The school announced that an impressive 75 per cent of all scores were higher than 30 points, which is higher that the global average once again.

The standout performer was Isabel Demel who achieved an incredible 44 points, one point from a perfect score.

The Edwards House boarder and Prefect is now hoping to study Medicine later this year. This achievement also puts the 17-year-old in the top one per cent of total scores worldwide.

Headmaster Simon Smith, said: “Every one of this year’s cohort can be proud to have studied such an academically challenging and globally respected curriculum.

“Not only have they continued with six subjects, in addition to the Theory of Knowledge course, but they have completed a 4000 word unique piece of research whilst maintaining a healthy involvement in a range of creative, sporting and service activities.

“The provisional headline results are very pleasing and I look forward to seeing what the University of Durham’s CEM Centre says about the value-added too. I congratulate not just those pupils who have achieved the headline grabbing scores but all those pupils who feel they have done themselves and their parents proud with these results.

“I thank all the staff too for their contributions, in so many ways, in creating such a supportive academic environment. I wish all the pupils well as they consider their next steps and set about making a difference in the world; I hope they will remember the values as well as the subjects they have been taught to such good effect during their time here.

“Finally I want to thank them for all that they have contributed to Rydal Penrhos School be it in their two years or 15 years here. They have certainly left their mark and I now look forward to seeing how their A-level peers have fared too.”

Other performances of note came from Amelia Perring, who has applied to study Veterinary Science, while Michael Hogan, Joshua Schultz, Louisa Weber, Anton Holthaus and Anatoliy Andryeyev.


Photo caption:

L:R – Rydal Penrhos pupils Louisa Weber and Isabel Demel.

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