Pupils Raise over £16,000 for Charity
7th July 2017

Lancaster Royal Grammar School pupils raised over £16,000 for charity this year and presented the organisations with their cheques at the School recently.

This amazing total was achieved by the boys through fundraising activities, some individual and many organised by forms. Activities included; an auction, a non-uniform day, quizzes, mini-golf and raffles, along with whole school events such as the Set Run. 

The school has a Charities Committee made up of pupils who are involved in selecting which charities are chosen. Then, earlier this year all pupils were invited to vote on which charities were supported. Benefiting from the £16,000 total raised this year are: Rosemere Cancer Foundation, Christ Church Night Shelter, Cancer Research UK, Just Like Us, Money for Madagascar, North West Ambulance Service and Water Wells for Africa.

Pupils were invited to the presentation to talk about their fundraising endeavours and heard how the money they raised is changing the lives of people around the world.

Headmaster Dr Chris Pyle said:

“I am delighted that our pupils were able to meet with representatives from the local, national and international charities that were nominated this year. Hearing from them what the donations will be spent on reminds us why we support them and shows we are genuinely looking out for our community.”

Daniel Hill from the Rosemere Cancer Foundation thanked the boys for their generous donation and explained how the money will be put to good use for local patients. He said:

“Thank you for your support this year. The money raised will provide equipment and welfare support. We are using donations to fund a surgical robot and are the third hospital in the UK to have it. The robot dramatically reduces the recovery time for patients and enables them to leave hospital and get back into their own homes as soon as possible. It’s a fantastic donation, thank you.”

Jan Norbury from Christ Church Night Shelter explained how people who are homeless and in crisis are supported by the donations from LRGS. She said:

“We provide hot drinks and meals and used the money raised last year to buy new camp beds.”

Rebekah Gunn from the North West Ambulance Service has been working alongside LRGS in offering first aid training to staff and pupils and providing defibrillators in school. She said:

“Your donation will be used to provide defibrillators and first aid training which can save lives of your local community. Thank you very much and well done.”

Money for Madagascar is a local charity based in Lancaster who help support the people and environment in Madagascar. Irenee Rajaona-Horne explained that despite being one of the richest countries in terms of its environment, Madagascar is incredible poor and the population is badly affected by malnutrition. She said:

“This donation will be used by the local population to plant 2600 trees as part of a forest corridor project to enable animals and people to use the forest in a sustainable way.”

Just Like Us is a charity set up by a former pupil, Tim Ramsey, and supports pupils to make sure they hear powerful positive messages about being LGBT from other LGBT young people, just a little older and little wiser. Ellie Keel explained how money raised by LRGS will support so many people across the country. She said:

“We recruit volunteers from universities to visit schools to talk about their experiences of coming out as LGBT. The money raised will be used to aid volunteers to go into schools to share their stories, bust stereotypes, and explain why LGBT equality is everyone's issue.”

Jim Plenderleith, Chairman of the Kendal branch of Cancer Research UK said:

“This money will be spent locally as we direct our donations to Christie’s Hospital where research is helping to save lives. Your money is saving lives. It’s fantastic and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


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