National Boarding Week at Keswick School
30th June 2017

Lairthwaite Boarding House celebrated National Boarding week with a series of BIG events. During our week at boarding we did a series of activities, all testing our communication, teamwork, initiative and physical capability.

On Sunday we played BIG rounders and this was a unique twist to the usual rounders game we usually play. This was incredibly fun and and I started looking forward to our week of activities after this activity went really well.

 On Monday we all split into teams of 4 or 5 and did 3 BIG tasks, they included: sledging on the hill on cardboard boxes, finding a plastic spoon in a bucket of solid ice without breaking the spoon, and lastly knocking down bottles with a tennis ball inside a stocking. These activities brought out an inventive side in all of us and were a good laugh.

Then on Tuesday we split into different teams so that our physical capabilities were some what equal, as we were playing touch rugby. This was my personal favourite and my team came 2nd. This was really fun and enjoyable; it also showed our teamwork as well as our physical capability.

On Wednesday we played BIG football with a giant ball which again was a unique twist to a normal game of football. This was better than I expected and it was a good way to get closer with each other

Thursdays treat was a BIG burger supper at Littletown Farm, Newlands then a walk back home in the sunshine.

Lastly to conclude our week of delightful activities, we played a series of games like fourty fourty, cops and robbers, manhunt and wembley. This brought out the child-like side from many of us as we played games which we all used to play when we were younger. This was also a good way to get along with many of the younger boarders. Overall this was an enjoyable week and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

Sophie Yates Yr 10

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