Keswick School Report on Glamara Trip
31st March 2017

This afternoon (Monday 27th March) a group of 17 boarders from Keswick School, along with our headteacher and another staff member, took advantage of the stunning weather to enjoy half a day off timetable developing our teamwork skills. The event took place at Glaramara activity centre, where we participated in a number of team-building challenges to improve our resilience, communication and, moreover, have some fun.

When we arrived, we divided up, with 8 girls on one team and 9 boys on the other, to see who could acquire the most points in the time frame. The activities were numerous and varied, with each potentially awarding the teams points to help contribute to the final score. One involved relocating a stack of different sized tyres across to another point, without having a larger tyre ever on top of a smaller one. This meant that we were all prompted to listen to one another and engage our minds to complete the task with maximum efficiency. Orienteering was, although not especially popular to begin with, a great score booster for both teams once they got going, providing us with over a third of our total score.

In the end it was (naturally!!) the girls who won. We reflected that this was most likely due to the way we all worked as a team, respecting temporary ‘leaders’ and contributing successful ideas. One assignment which was particularly successful for the girls was getting as many golf balls as possible from one bucket to another, using pieces of gutter; the female company split into two parties, in which they kept fairly calm and successfully transported all of the possible golf balls in the 10 mins. Urging each other on, not to mention communicating well, perhaps made this work so well.

We all loved the blissful, sunny break and got to know each other a little bit better than before.

Rosalind Weir

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