Digital Explorer’s “Arctic Live 2017”
14th March 2017

Intrepid Year 3 explorers from Bromsgrove School were extremely fortunate to be one of only 135 groups of children worldwide to participate in Digital Explorer's "Arctic Live 2017” event on Friday 10th June.

They took part in an innovative and pioneering learning experience, connecting live in in real-time via Skype with an expedition team in the northernmost permanent settlement in the world, Ny-Ålesund.

Mrs Rachael Ivison, Head of Junior Dept at Bromsgrove said “The children were absolutely thrilled to meet Jamie and were very excited to be talking to him live via Skype from Ny-Alesund.  They enjoyed hearing all about his experience of the Arctic and asked him a broad range of their own ‘non internet searchable’ questions.  This has been an experience that Year 3 are unlikely to ever forget and one which has certainly enhanced their learning about our current creative curriculum theme, ‘Ice Worlds’.  What an incredible opportunity!”

More information on the Skype experience follows from Mrs Ivison, together with some quotes from the Year 3 pupils:

This whole opportunity has excited and inspired our Year 3s and has really enhanced their learning about our Creative Curriculum topic, “Ice Worlds”.  They unanimously gave it “10- or more- ‘awesome stars’ out of 10”, which is high praise indeed.


“That was fantastic. It’s inspired me to want to explore the world and see what else is out there!” (Jasper)

“I feel very lucky that we had the opportunity to experience something that not many other people have.” (Aidan)

“I will never, ever forget my 8th birthday; I bet not many people in the world have had ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to them from the Arctic.” (Emily)

We cannot commend this experience- and Digital Explorer- highly enough. Just fantastic! 

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