Art scholar Elysia Gilman puts on special workshop at request of pupils
14th March 2017

A gifted artist at Rydal Penrhos hosted a special workshop at the request of younger pupils at the school.

Elysia Gilman, a Lower Sixth pupil at the school, was asked by the Year 10 group to give them some helpful tips on skin tones and painting flesh after seeing her fabulous work on display throughout the Art department.

Prior to the workshop, which took place on Tuesday, March 7, the 16-year-old prepared colour charts and palettes all with the colours she felt were necessary.

Elysia demonstrated how she approached the problem of flesh tones by first mixing up a coloured ground and then adding secondary and prime colours.

The Art scholar often works from a mirror even if she has photographs and drawings available as she believes there is “no substitute for looking at the real thing”.

She also took the time to trace one of her own drawings for each individual of the group so that they could being trying out new techniques immediately.

Head of Art Mark Sherrington, said: “They had been impressed by her work around the room which captures the translucent and colourful quality of skin by not using pink or an obvious flesh tint.

“She encouraged the pupils to be brave in their colour mixing and to look hard and even exaggerate the colours under the eyes.

“The pupils were very happy with their results and feel much more confident after this hands on session.

“This is a perfect example of leading from our older pupils, and things like this really do inspire the next generation.”

Fellow Art scholar Tallulah Batley added that she found the workshop “really useful” as she prepares for her GCSE examination and coursework next year.

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