World Wildlife Day
6th March 2017

On Friday 3rd March, Bromsgrove School hosted their first World Wildlife Day. 

Pupils from Year 3 – 13 were treated to talks by 6th form students Nikita Bedov, Edward Mooney, Scott Lee from Central Reptile Rescue and the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.  The highlight of the afternoon for many of the pupils was the opportunity to hold snakes and tortoises – examples of endangered species.  This was a great way to highlight the need for conservation and raise awareness of the loss of global biodiversity.

When asked about the event that he had organised, Nikita Bedov commented “World Wildlife Day is a really special event for us humans to think about the impact we are having on the amazing environment that we ourselves rely on to survive.  Pupils were given a unique experience of interacting with a carpet python and spur-footed tortoises, brought from a local rescue centre. It was a great success and all the students enjoyed it!'

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