Bromsgrove Cyber Security Festival
5th January 2017

Six schools from the local area joined Bromsgrove Prep pupils (on 8 Dec) for an exciting day investigating Cyber Security.

As part of their introduction to the concept of Cyber Security, Year 7 pupils had to work against the clock to prevent a simulated cyber-attack. Groups of students were required to work as a team to decipher hidden messages, analyse evidence and decrypt files to identify the individual behind the attack.

Pupils used a variety of skills during the Festival in addition to visiting a sound editing suite to change the pitch and reverse a recording. The teamwork and buzz of excitement in the room was clearly visible. Congratulations to The Chantry School who were the winners in the morning sessions and Bromsgrove School who won the afternoon session, managing to crack the code, thus saving the world from a Cyberattack.

The Cyber Security Festival was run by the Tablet Academy and sponsored by The Cyber Security Challenge and was an excellent way for the students to learn the importance of Cyber Security, develop their skills to decipher encrypted messages and defend against cyberattacks. 

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