Back to the Classroom
17th November 2016

Returning to school after 30 years was an enjoyable experience for all involved when classics teacher, Adam Jenkins, stepped back in time to join the first years at Abingdon School. Adam started at the school 30 years ago, as an 11 year old moving up from Sutton Courtenay Primary School and then returned as a teacher in 1999. Adam spent the day shadowing the first years and in particular Felix Kind, aged 11, who joined Abingdon from Goring Primary this September.


The day started with Felix’s school bus and ended with a rugby match which, although age prevented him taking part, Adam enjoyed from the sidelines.

Speaking about the day Adam said, “The boys on the bus were surprised to see me and apparently the trip was much quieter than usual! My teaching colleagues were also slightly bemused to have me on the other side of the desk but I was impressed by their wide range of styles and approaches and I enjoyed the lessons - even if my maths was a bit rusty.”


Felix, a keen sportsmen and musician, added, “It was strange at first to have Mr Jenkins arrive at my house and then get on the bus with me but as the day went on we got used to him being part of our form. I can’t imagine what it must have been like starting here 30 years ago but I would like to know where I will be in 30 years – hopefully rowing!”


Adam added, “The School’s facilities have improved and obviously technology plays a much bigger part but the friendly, down to earth character is much the same.”


As well as teaching Classics at Abingdon, Adam is the Lower School Housemaster, overseeing the First and Second Years. He concludes, “It was a really good experience to see the school day from the boys’ perspective, it’s certainly busy and fast-paced and at the end of the day, I have to admit, I didn’t do the homework!”

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