Bake Off Finale reaches New Hall School
26th October 2016

Support staff at New Hall School, a boarding and day school in Chelmsford, have today held their second Bake Off Competition. The Competition, started last year and organised by school PA Taryn Dodd, aptly fell on the day of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off Final. The staff, most of whom continue working over the holidays, were thrilled to spend their lunchtime at the tasting and judging of the homemade treats.


Mrs Dodd chose blueberry muffins for the challenge, because of their relative simplicity, making the competition inclusive to all baking abilities. For more adventurous bakers, there was the chance to spice up the competition, by using their creative flair to give their bakes an original ‘twist,’ in true bake-off style!


The contestants, who hailed from the Marketing, Human Resources, Administrative and Admissions departments, were briefed to produce 12 identical blueberry muffins, with judging based on taste and preparation. The fortunate judges were forced to be extremely meticulous in their judging, due to the high volume of fine blueberry specimens produced. Most contestants had put their own stamp on their muffins, ranging from matcha green tea to a homemade blueberry reduction. Finally, a winner and two runners up were crowned, congratulations to the Bake Off Champion Katharine East, Marketing Assistant, who was awarded a trophy for her efforts in preparing delicious lemon drizzle creations, in second place was Amy O’Donnell, Admissions Assistant, with her virtuous matcha, honey and rye take on the muffins and in third, Claire Willsher, Administration Assistant, with her scrumptious white chocolate adaptation.


The end to the judging was welcomed by the gathered audience, as their opportunity to sample the bakes for themselves. The Bake Off made for a wonderful afternoon break for the staff at New Hall, and we wait with eager anticipation for the date and challenge of the next event to be announced. All will be looking forward to tonight’s BBC1 Great British Bake Off Final for inspiration!

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