Levison Wood launches NCS to Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover
20th April 2016

A state boarding school in Dover received a surprise visit (on April 18) from British explorer, Levison Wood, who addressed an assembly of 15 to 17 year olds to tell tales of his adventures and encourage the teenagers to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and take on new challenges this summer on the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme.


Levison, a former Officer of the British Parachute Regiment and famed for his Channel 4 documentary series’ ‘Walking the Nile’, visited The Duke of York's Royal Military School as part of his role as an ambassador for the NCS programme.


The two-four week youth empowerment programme is being recommended to students at the school for the first time this year and will see them taking on outward bound activities, meeting new friends from different backgrounds and creating social action projects to benefit their local community. Levison, who is familiar with the benefits of trying new challenges, is encouraging students at The Duke of York’s Royal Military School to join thousands of others taking part in the programme this summer.


Levison Wood, British explorer, author and photographer, says: “Although my own experiences of trying new challenges are a little more extreme, I can definitely vouch for the benefits of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, whether that’s walking the length of the Nile or trying new activities and meeting new people on something like the NCS programme. Adventures like this are an integral part of realising what you’re capable of and developing yourself as a person, so going on a programme like NCS at such a pivotal age can be transformational. Not only will it help grow your confidence but will show potential employers that you’re not afraid of a challenge.”


Levison spoke to a group of more than 100 students. With a military ethos at its heart, the school is renowned for developing strong character and life skills to set pupils up for the next stage in their lives.


Chris Russell, Executive Principal and Commandant at Duke of York's Royal Military School said: “Levison is an inspirational role model for our students and we’re thrilled he has chosen to visit us today to introduce the NCS programme. With his own military background and countless experiences of pushing himself to the limits, Levison is a prime example of our values of strength of character and self-discipline. We hope his visit will inspire our pupils to follow in his path by taking part in NCS this summer.”


The Duke of York’s Royal Military School is just one of hundreds of schools across the country which currently support NCS. To date, the programme has seen more than 200,000 young people expand their horizons, make new friends from a range of backgrounds and contribute to their local community.

Michael Lynas, CEO of NCS Trust says: “NCS is open to all 15-17 year olds across the country and we’re proud to be supported by a wide range of schools from academies and state schools through to state boarding schools. Levison is the perfect example of how perseverance and resilience can build strength and depth of character and we hope by hearing about his experiences, young people will be encouraged to try new adventures this summer on the NCS programme.”


NCS widens horizons by helping young people build lasting friendships and grow their aspirations by developing crucial skills for work and life. The programme takes place across England and Northern Ireland this summer and is open to all 15-17 year olds for no more than £50. For more information visit


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